The Devastator

The Devastator

I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to a stop. I could not see this end. There will so much bloodshed. All humans will face their karma. The destroyer as they call them would end the world as Kalyuga has taken over. He will end this reign of evil.

I am fondly referred to as ‘Narad Muni’. I am extremely diplomatic and I think from both perspectives. But I am extremely loyal and hence I stay biased to my master ‘Lord Vishnu’

I have never questioned the decisions of the Lord. I usually play the mediator between the Evil and the Good .But this was the final stage of the battle between the two sects of the human society.

I was present in human form and I had to again play mediator but deceive the demons into losing the final battle. The Lord worked in mysterious ways and I was not sure about the reason he chose manipulation to win these battles.

My name in this form was Manav. Although I was not a human in anyway; I represented the human race in a time where humanity was in shackles.

The Apocalypse had begun and the Lord had taken the final Avatar to destroy all evil forces. As I was pretending to be on both sides; I was aware of the plans of the Evil too.

Ravana had created an entourage of all defeated in previous battles. He was the one with the intelligence of ten pandits and hence he was the planner of the assassination.

He came with name Ambareesh Ranatunga and he was a trader that had migrated from Sri Lanka to Chennai, India to set up his factory of garments.

He had befriended another rich business tycoon named Yogesh Mathur who would soon be contesting elections to become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. As I looked into his eyes; I realized that he was Kansa.

They were also being supported by someone named Arjun Mathur who was born as the younger brother of Yogesh Mathur. He was duryodhan who was born with another name but he chose to be called Arjun by everyone who met him.

He was the media baron who ruled Mumbai and filtered all news to report only news that humans should see; so that they lose all hope in humanity.

The Lord was born with the name ‘Mayur’. He was a honest journalist. He covered the crime beat in the most popular newspaper. He was brave and sincere. He was still not aware in this human form that he was the Kalki Avatar. There was a protective shield by Brahma that watched over the lord. His mother Mayraa and his wife Padmini were aware of his mood swings. They had seen him in rage; It was the most furious form of rage that could ever exist. As soon as he would flare his nostrils and grind his teeth; he transformed into something else. He looked menacing with bloodshot red eyes and the only person who could control his rage was padmini.

His best friend and colleague Devdutt accompanied him wherever he went. He would usually drive the car and drop him off. Devdutt was obsessed with White. He would usually wear white clothes with white shoes and he looked extremely handsome. He could carry it off in style. It did not take me much time to realize that Devdutt was the metaphor for the white horse mentioned in the Holy books. He was the Vahaan that liked everything white hence his car too was sparkling clean and white.

I realized that the day had come. The news channels were flashing news about a man that claimed to be GOD. His name was Baba Bhairavnath.  When his face flashed on my television screen I realized that he was Kali.

The Kalki Purana states that

Kali is always seen to be holding his genitals in his left hand. His complexion is very black, like black ointment that has been mixed with oil

Kali’s abdomen is like that of a crow, his face is frightening to behold, and his tongue is red and appears to be full of greed. His appearance is very fearful and a bad smell emanates from his body. Kali is very fond of playing chess, drinking wine, enjoying the company of prostitutes, and associating with gold merchants.

The Above description fit this man perfectly. He indeed claimed to have superpowers and he was famous for misbehaving with women. He had raped many women followers but since he had the support of the Chief Minister of the state he continued creating havoc.

An RTI Activist named Ratan had explored the truth behind many mishappenings in Baba’s Ashram. As Ratan walked with the file towards my lord; I realized that this will lead to my worst nightmare. I wanted to delay that so that humankind would introspect and find my lord within themselves. I wanted them to start being human so that they could be saved from this punishment.

But now it was too late. I saw rage in my lord’s eyes as he went through the proofs.

Baba had already committed all the heinous crimes predicted in the Kalki Purana.

This was the time for him to repent. He had to be given the capital punishment and he was going to be slaughtered in broad daylight by my Lord.

As mentioned in Kalki Purana; the pretentious saint had impregnated his own sister and tortured her for many years.  She had finally mustered the courage to speak up against him. She knew all about all his crimes and she had been collecting all the evidence while staying in his ashram as a slave.

Ratan was the weapon. The Lord would kill Kali with a weapon named Ratan as per the Kalki Purana. Before that could happen; the lord had to be made aware of his greatness. He had to be enlightened in this human form.

There was a group of people protecting him. There was a group of people out to destroy him. And he was totally unaware of all this.

I decided to talk to my lord. When I reached his office; I had gone with a bag of currency notes. It was handed over to me by Ambareesh Ranatunga and his entourage to stop my lord from unmasking their Baba Bairavnath.

Ratan and Devdutt were present in the office. As I walked in and smiled they recognized me.

Devdutt : (Introducing me) : Mr.Manav Goel, he is the man about town. Everyone in this city of Mumbai knows him. He knows all the celebrities and big business tycoons. He is usually the mediator in all big business deals.

Mayur : So what brings you here

Those words from my Lord sent me into a trance. I wanted to say ‘Narayan’ ‘Narayan’ and sing praises of my Lord. But it would make it very obvious.

Devdutt looked at me expecting me to give up my humanly form at any time and fall at my beloved Lord’s feet.

But instead I chose to play the role I was in. My Lord had written it that way and it had to be performed in that way.

Manav Goel (handing over the bag of cash to devdutt): Let us take a selfie to ensure that the news stays buried. This is five crores.

Mayur :(( snatching the bag from me in rage): We will take the money but we will still expose your Baba. This money is to prevent any further damages as I am sure your baba will soon be acquitted of all charges.

My Lord had outwitted everyone. I realized that he was aware of who he was. I had tears in my eyes when he acknowledged my desire of calling out his name and sing his praises. I cried and shouted ‘Narayan , Narayan’

Every news channel played the story of a Baba that had raped his own sister and tortured her for decades.

There was no one to filter the news since Media Baron Arjun Mathur was found dead on the escalator leading to his office lobby. His tie had gotten stuck in the escalator as he bent down to pick the name card of my Lord that had slipped from his hand.

Business tycoon and Politician Yogesh Mathur suffered the same fate when he faced my Lord and fell off from the Stage during his political rally. My Lord killed him just by looking into his eyes and his death was officially recorded as an accident.

Businessman Ambareesh Ranatunga stood in support of Baba Bairavnath. His supporters burned the town when Baba was arrested. Law and Order could not do much when Baba’s followers turned to streets and burned down shops, busses and Cars. Hundreds of people died on that day.

And then I saw the inevitable.  My Lord had come to the realization of who he has

He had come into his original form and a select few people could he see him that way. I was one of the lucky ones. He did not need to do much. Typhoons and thunderstorms stuck the country. He walked towards the two remaining offenders. They had already surrendered to their fate.

His touch could lead to death. He just had to unleash the destroyer in him.


The Devastator was in his full glory and this was the new beginning

© Author : Jitendra Kotai



Neeyati -Linked Destinies

A Thick line of red vermilion applied through the parting line of her hair was her trademark. Leela Chakraborthy also wore a round red bindi on her forehead and usually wore elegant solid colour sarees.She was fascinatingly attractive and could seduce any sage to leave his serenity and fall in love with her.She had big kohl shaped eyes and was usually very pleasant to talk to.

Inspector Francis D souza, a reputed policeman in his late forties  had been smitten by her face since the day she came to the police station to file a missing persons complaint.

The Man missing since two days was her husband Dr.Arjun Chakraborthy, a renown psychiatrist who had many celebrated people visit him as patients. Well known actors, politicians , industrialists formed his client base. He was extremely well connected. Anything could have led to his disappearance, possibly he had known someone’s hidden secret.

Life was not easy for Leela, she had understood the luscious gaze and the hidden intentions of officer Francis Dsouza , who came almost everyday under the pretext of interrogation or investigation and complimented her about her perfume or strikingly beautiful face.

However Today she had herself demanded his presence as she had been unnerved by the an unknown man who had followed her on the street around her house.When she opened the curtains after her afternoon nap, he had stood there staring at her window , as if under an unbroken trance.

Francis D souza said ” i understand how difficult it must be for you”, but do not worry. i will be here tonight to make sure nothing untoward happens”. She prayed before sleeping and all she prayed for was Inspector Francis Dsouza to maintain his decorum and not turn from protector to predator at night.

In the middle of the night, Francis walked up the staircase to Mrs Leela’s room. He had uncontrollable urge to have a glance at the alluring woman while she was fast asleep.

He stood outside her room and slowly pushed the door open, He had never got the time of finding himself a girl to get married to ,when he had been young. He had always been a dutiful policeman who never thought of anything that distracted him from doing his job. However Mrs Leela had appealed to his heart, body and soul. He was obsessed with her.

While Francis was lost in admiring his new found obsession while she innocently slept unaware of his gaze. there was a some unsettling noise from the kitchen. Francis Dsouza rushed to the kitchen to find an unkempt, insane looking man trembling with fear. The Tall and sturdy officer grabbed him by the collar and sternly inquired “Who are you ? “

The Man was shaken, he started folding his hands and asking for forgiveness

Mrs Leela heard the commotion and came there. To impress the lady,the Officer hurled two hefty blows at the shivering man who started bleeding from his mouth and sat down on the floor crying

A Strong Kick on his back ensued that everything he was carrying in his bag fell on the floor. It was sketches , lots of them ,of the same face.Mrs Leela Chakraborthy’s dazzling face shined from all those sketches.She looked like aphrodite in those sketches. A goddess of love, beauty and pleasure .

Seeing those sketches fall from the man’s bag,Francis was extremely furious and he attempted to hit him again. However the man showed resistance this time and held his hand. He had a new confidence in his eyes as he winked at Francis and forcefully twisted his arm .He started speaking in a different tone which was obnoxiously rude and writhed in anger.He lifted the big man in one hand and threw him against the wall causing him to break his jaw and fall to the ground with a loud thud. After this the man started shivering and squeaking and fell unconscious

While the man was still unconscious, An Extremely Cautious Mrs. Leela checked his wallet to find that he was a famous young painter named Nagesh Dixit who had a huge female fan following at one point in his career.They were shocked to find out that he was in this state, 

Nagesh Dixit, the famous painter opened his eyes and found Mrs Leela seated opposite him. He tried to get up, but he had been tied to the bed. He then noticed a gun pointed on his head and Inspector Francis who stood there with great discomfort , looking at him with a sullen expression.

” You Cheap pervert” Francis growled. Nagesh shaked his head in disbelief and said ” I never intentionally wanted to sketch her face, it just automatically happened, i keep on drawing her face again and again , as if some external force is making me do it..” 

The Door bell rang and a handsome man entered. Mrs Leela ran up to him and embraced him with great intensity. He was a well known surgeon, Dr. Ranjeet Sinha. He was Mrs. Leela’s ex-flame who had re-entered her life by becoming her husband’s best friend. She had noticed the same passion in his eyes but they both avoided the rejuvenating electric chemistry they had so far. Today was different, the events that had unfolded had left her completely drained out. She badly needed a shoulder to cry on and his shoulder appeared to be the most reliable compared to the other two men available. 

Dr.Ranjeet , Francis, Leela and Nagesh sat down to analyze these mysterious occurrences. Ranjeet Said ” Leela you are the centre point of everything, He draws your sketches first and then throws this man who had cast an evil eye on you on the wall ” pointing towards Francis, who looked away in shame.Leela added angrily ” I really wished i could use my nails as claws and scratch his eyes, he makes me sick by the way he looks at me “

Nagesh suddenly got up and walked towards Francis.Erratic winds started blowing as Nagesh walked with his stiff body and tilted head frantically laughing. He held francis by his arm again and this time with tremendous power he broke his arm and as he fell into a crouching position he kicked him on his shoulder. Francis fell on Mrs Leela’s feet asking for forgiveness. Nagesh’s eyes then started moving with berserk movements and he started sketching something with his trembling hands .All four of them recognized the sketch as Mr Arjun Chakraborthy’s farmhouse.They had all been there at some point in time.

“This had been rented out to a famous TV Actress” Said Mrs Chakraborthy “And i hardly go there anymore” she continued.They all decided to visit the place together.

It was pitch dark inside the farmhouse as the four of them walked slowly. Mrs Leela holding Ranjeet’s arm and Nagesh trying to hold Francis who shooed him away. They heard some commotion in the basement and using their cellphones for light, they slowly walked down the stairs to reach the basement.

An Open door at the end of the basement emitted eye-catching glow. They felt there was someone standing there.By the structure of his body it seemed to be Dr.Arjun Chakraborthy. As they neared the door they saw him more clearly .Dr Arjun Chakraborthy was seated in a rocking chair cross-dressed as a woman in a parrot green saree. As they entered that room , he immediately jumped from the chair  and sat down in a crouching position with his back towards them, hiding his face 

A Crying Mrs Chakraborthy made him uncover his face,The shocking aspect was that his face was smothered with vermilion.He was loaded with ornaments , Maang tikka, bangles, ear rings and even a nose ring. Mrs Chakravorthy noticed he was bleeding as he did not have the piercings. He had pierced these ornaments forcefully on himself.

All queries were going to be answered it seemed, in this very basement lied the secrets all these people had been holding. Their destinies were linked and Dr. Arjun Chakraborthy had brought them all together to face their karma.

Dr Arjun Chakraborthy then noticed Dr.Ranjeet and walked towards him with a cheekish smile.

He put his arms around Dr.Ranjeet and said ” Do you remember me ? I am Roma, Do you miss me ” he said in a feminine voice.

Everyone was horrified at what they saw. They were all connected in someway and they had all been to the basement of this farmhouse at some point in their lives and they all had caused some distress to this young TV Actress named Roma 

Roma Mathur, the famous TV Celeb who played a righteous bahu in TV Serials was completely the opposite in real life. She had an unscrupulous affair with a married man , A famous surgeon Dr Ranjeet Sinha, who spent most of his nights at this farmhouse in the arms of his object of desire.There was another facade to Roma Mathur’s personality. She was extremely greedy and even the wealth amassed so far had not been enough for her. 

Dr Ranjeet had been very fascinated by the hidden room that he had seen in the basement , when he had visited it for the first time after an amorous and adventurous night of pleasure with Roma.He was astonished to see that this room had a wonderful code locking system and it could be used for something extravagant that occurred in his mind 

Ranjeet saw this as an opportunity and promised Roma to play as her pander to get her closer to her infatuation with her greed of accumulating enormous wealth,provided she allowed him to run his shady business in her basement. 

Broken from the trance of his memories by the cross dressed Arjun trying to kiss him. Ranjeet pushed him away.Mrs Leela was jolted , Nagesh attempted to run but the doors had a certain electric current flowing through him that pushed him back to where he was positioned before.

Francis Dsouza tried to climb out of the basement but the last ply of wood he had kept his foot on broke into pieces and he fell with a loud thud fracturing his entire body.He Got up to run again but tumbled as he had no strength left in his body.

Arjun Chakraborthy then spoke in a screeching voice at exceeding decibel levels , it was the loud voice of Roma Mathur which could be heard alongside the meekly male voice of Arjun. “Nagesh, Francis and Ranjeet , i am sure you all know why i brought you here” Do you remember that Night ? ” and his eyes grew wider and blood oozed out from his eyes in the form of tears.from both sides.

That Night of July 31st at the farmhouse had been very infelicitous. Nagesh dixit stroked his paint brush on a beautiful painting he had been making of Roma while she posed in a seductive manner. Dr Arjun opened the door of the farmhouse with his own set of keys with a bang. He had brought the police with him as he had been tipped about some insane inhuman offence that was regularly being committed at this farmhouse , It was Inspector Francis D Souza who walked next  to Dr,Arjun as they raided the basement of the farmhouse.

As the Code-locked door opened.They saw two unconscious men who lied on adjacent beds, One was a patient and the other one was a Donor. Dr Ranjeet and a few assistant doctors and nurses were in the middle of an illegal surgery. A Kidney transplant was in progress.Dr,Arjun slapped his friend for playing with the life of these poor people. It was a poor beggar who had been lured under the promise of good food and some money.Some medical tests had been done and once everything was positive he had been drugged to make him unconscious .The Beggar was totally unaware that his kidney was being transplanted to a rich businessman.

Hundreds of such illegal operations had been completed right there in that basement and Roma had allowed these things to happen after earning a hefty amount of remuneration every time Dr Ranjeet planned such an inhuman event.

Citing the life threatening consequences of leaving the surgery half way through. Dr Ranjeet and his assistants completed the operation .Then Dr,Ranjeet then sat down with Dr.Arjun and Inspector Francis and tried to sort the issue amicably so that they all could benefit from it. Apart from Hefty amounts of money he also promised them something terribly wrong and horrendous.

After discarding the unaware and incognizant beggar at the same street he was picked up from in the same unconsious state.

Dr.Ranjeet Sinha  Dr Arjun Chakraborthy, Inspector Francis , Nagesh and Roma clinked their Wine glasses and they all said “Cheers”.

After sipping the wine Roma felt tipsy , “Its really strong” she said almost falling off. It had been planned as Dr Ranjeet winked and the others smiled gleefully. Her vision blurred and she fell to the ground in an inebriated state. The First one to satisfy his greedy urge was the desperate policeman who lifted an unconscious roma in his arms and took her to the bedroom.

Dr.Arjun sat on the floor with blood oozing from eyes and wailed loudly

” You all turned into animals, you thought i was unaware, so you could do anything. I felt the pain, it was tremendous pain, I wriggled in pain every time one of you left the room” ” What pleasure did you get from a unresponsive woman , Did any of you even notice my tears which were flowing from my eyes when you were busy fulfilling your fantasies”

“And you played pander , as you said but not to my desires of amassing wealth. You played pander to your friends. How could you do that Ranjeet , I had loved you with so much passion and dedication” He Screeched and pounced on Ranjeet with his Claws digging into his flesh on his arm and he dragged him into a corner and scragged his neck with all his might and power till he drew his last breath. Tossing Dr.Ranjeet’s dead body away he turned angrily to Francis 

Francis lied on the floor with his hands folded. but Arjun thumped his foot on his face umpteen times with tremendous power till he collapsed to his death.

It was Nagesh’s turn who decided to hide behind Mrs Leela and suddenly grabbed Mrs leela from behind and threatened to strangle her if Arjun did not stop..Arjun walked slowly towards the end of the room and flung at nagesh the painting that he had made of Roma with great intensity that broke his skull making him bleed to his death.

Mrs Leela winced, aghast at their cruelty. Dr.Arjun was arrested from the scene of crime and another body was recovered from the house , it was the dead body of Roma. Owing to the strongly spiked wine roma had slipped into comatose and when these monsters continued with their beastly attempts to savour her body, she had died. 

A Renown Psychiatrist was now mentally unstable , it is difficult to believe that he was possessed by a ghost. It was his own guilt, he had enjoyed the malicious proposal given by his friend Ranjeet .He had thought that no one could ever come to know about this dark secret where they took advantage of an unconscious woman. Unfortunately she died and Dr Arjun was overburdened with guilt. After discarding her dead body they all had left with a promise of never speaking about this ever again and not recognizing each other in public. But Dr Arjun had come back to the farmhouse, read Roma’s diaries, moved around in the basement and seen her wardrobe. His mind had been extremely disturbed.He had a fraction of humanity in him which was slowly killing him. He felt extremely agitated and frustrated , His friend Ranjeet had traded his girlfriend’s trust and her life as a small bonus to the Painter, the inspector and him to keep their mouth shut about his shady business.He kept himself locked in the basement and his guilt made him lose his sanity. In his madness and in his rage towards these men he had killed them all.

Mrs Leela visited her husband in the mental asylum where he sat gaping at the sky , she cried as he started crying inconsolably. He was still cross-dressed as a woman, possibly feeling things from Roma’s point of view. “It is never pleasure, to use unconscious people to your advantage. Dr Ranjeet sinha has been let off too easily. He deserved a more gruesome death ” He said

Mrs Leela wiped his tears knowing that he had indeed committed a gruesome crime but he had repented and he had done more than people do in today’s times . Even if he had been more human than most of the rapists , his doing was still unforgivable. The Righteous bahu in the serial had been changed , another lady was wrapped in a saree and she shed the same glycerine tears and mouthed the same cliched lines.Television seemed to be so much in Irony with real life.

© Jitendra Kotai


The Loop of Obscurity

Kshitij , his name suggested the horizon, a point where the sky meets the earth The existence of a horizon seems very evident when you look at the end of the sea, but it is atrociously fictitious and poetic to believe that the horizon exists..

Sky and earth never meet at any point ever and hence the very existence of the point where they meet is questionable

He had lived up to the reputation of his name by not earning any realistic growth in life, At the age of 36 , he had been a failure at academics by not been able to clear his graduation even after four attempts and hence absorbed in self pity he always made sullen expressions and looked a depressed shadow of himself living in despair.

Wearing a full grown beard at all times, smoking cigarette one after the other, he was a loner who had now got used to living this way

A perfectly disturbed Kshitij was irritated already as he had been woken up in the middle of the night to do his graveyard shift at a call centre located in Powai, Mumbai where he worked as an executive

Struggling to keep his bloodshot sleepy eyes open, he walked towards the pan beedi shop to buy a pack of his regular smokes

As he looked at his watch, the time was showing 1.30 am , he noticed some scrathes on his wrist which could possibly have been caused by brushing against some rough surface unknowingly he thought

The Shop owner gave some new brand of smokes and told him they give a tremendous amount of kick and they were only 50 rs more than usual, he decided to try them out with a mischeavious grin said “Let me try them”

The first puff made him realize that this was something very strong, he felt very light in his head and started feeling a bit tipsy. it hit hard on his throat too and he realized that it was not just an ordinary smoke

As he waited for the call centre cab to pick him up , he decided to take a stroll in the area whilst waiting and he walked towards the left in the direction of the main road and put on his headphones with loud music blaring into his ears as he walked in a slightly inebriated state singing the song playing in his cell phone in his own husky voice loudly

He saw a big four wheeler speeding towards him with the headlights glowing into his eyes, he thought it was the vehicle which had come to pick him up for his shift at the call centre,but the vehicle turned left .

he turned in the direction of the vehicle, thinking that the driver may have mistaken the road towards his house and taken a wrong route As he walked ahead, there was no sign of the vehicle and he kept moving ahead in a street which seemed completely isolated on a gloomy dark night,

He was spooked by the sound of night crickets which pierced through the silent street, there was no sign of any creature living or dead, it was him alone walking on this street well past midnight.

He stood there in silence, slightly scared to walk ahead, the possibility of a vehicle existing in that street was very low considering the fact that the silence was deafening, he decided to turn around and all the street lights went off in a row leaving him in pitch dark.

The fear of the unknown is far more scarier than the fear of a ghost. A Ghost is very blatant and predictable but the unknown can be fiercely unpredictable

He walked slowly ensuring that he made his way back safely considering the fact that it was completely dark,

the only source of light was his cell phone which was helping him find his way back. He stumbled upon something and fell flat on his face, in literal words breaking his front tooth.

” Bloody Hell” he shouted as blood flew out of his mouth, he immediately drank all the water from the bottle he was carrying in his office bag.

He wiped all the blood from his face and put his handkerchief on his face to control the bleeding

He realized that he had some scratches on his lower elbow too and it was bleeding too, as he angrily turned towards the thing lying on the floor which had made him stumble and fall , he was shocked to see what he saw, It was a dog that had been ruthlessly murdered, he shrieked as he saw the disfigured dead body of the dog..It may have been a street fight between two dogs he thought and decided to move on

He made it to the place he had turned from and decided to take a right and then left which would lead him to the pan beedi shop and then his building and he would go back to his house and sleep.

If eventful things start happening on a given day, they decide all happen at once on one horrible day.

There was an attractive woman waiting at the bus stop, she was wearing a knee length red dress and very dark red lipstick, her hair were neatly tied behind her head, he looked away as soon as he she noticed him. even though he felt attracted to the vulnerable looking woman he decided to ignore her and walk away “Excuse me” She said and his heart started pumping fiercely, he had already started construing various possibilities of what she could be from a witch, to a vampire, to a ghost he had considered all possibilities Do you think i will get a taxi to seepz at this hour? “As a human he felt protective about her for a moment, but suddenly he thought ” what was she doing there at that hour alone “He neglected her and started walking ahead in his own direction, he heard an excuse me again, his heart melted as he felt she was in the same situation he was and he could be her savior

He turned around to see absolute silence again, there was no one standing on that bus stop. the woman had disappeared into thin air, it would not have been possible for her to walk away so quickly

He looked around for her, not finding her anywhere, he called out, O Lady in the red dress , O Lady . As his voice echoed in the silence night, he felt convinced that the woman was his imagination

He thought to himself that these could be the hallucinations which were resulting due to the dope he had consumed in the cigarette earlier, he decided to take a breather near the abandoned water well stationed there This Well had a history,

The Well had belonged to the people residing in that bungalow, An Old woman living in that bungalow alone after her sons had migrated to overseas countries had committed suicide she had jumped into the abandoned well and had died as her head hit the rock inside the well, as children they were not allowed to go near that well of the fear of them being possessed .

He realized that he had been taking a breather on that Water Well and from the popular legends of his area this was the most believed one , most of his friends had seen that old woman around the Water well and confirmed the story that her spirit haunted the area around the well, he felt completely shaken as he looked inside the well, there were a layer of leaves and stones that existed in the deep water well

As he looked up at the banyan tree , he was petrified at what he saw, the old woman he feared all his childhood, sat there squatting on the branch of the banyan tree, his hair was completely messed and she laughed loudly to the level of insanity, the decibel levels of that laughter were extravagantly loud , he covered his ears, and cried inconsolably , he felt stiff, he had no power to move from that place The Woman than jumped from the banyan tree straight into the well and disappeared .

Everything fell silent again, as if nothing had happened, as if all that he saw was again imagination. His head was spinning, had he seen a real ghost, or had he been imagining so strongly under the influence of drugs that he actually saw what he had happened.

Nevertheless, he decided to run to his house he ran as fast as he could, panting for breath, sweating profusely, he ran uncontrollably and suddenly slipped and fell with a thud.

As he got up he realized he had not even moved an inch. He was right there, exactly where he had started from The Water Well, the laughter of those women although nonexistent was crystal clear echoing in his ears, he cried as he found no respite, no way out. He ran again , with all his strength , had towards a different direction , as his fate would have it today he fell again with a loud thud, stumbling on the same dead dog . He shrieked “No” and ran again .He was sprinting now, assured that he could reach his building this time, or at least the Pan beedi shop where he would wake up the sleeping pan beedi vendor and ask him for Help Yes Help clicked in his head and he started shouting ” Help ” Help ” Help” as he ran and stopped and waved his arms in disbelief when he ended up at the same Water well again.

He was stuck in a vicious loop of obscurity and he felt helpless. He fell to the ground thumping his chest vigorously, wailing loudly and asking for forgiveness for every insult he had made on the dead woman negating her existence as a child and mocking his friends who were scared to go near the Water well.He requested her to let him go, he told her that he had never caused her any harm. After a long time, he stopped crying and asking for forgiveness.

Sensing that he is still alive and that he can still try to reach home, he thought of breaking the loop by walking backwards with his face to the well .He kept looking at the Water well and started walking backwards slowly , he smiled as he was moving away from the well, he thought he had found the rescue, but it was very short-lived as he saw the same dead dog , he wailed ” Get lost” and continued walking back , his smile resurfaced when he saw himself moving away from the dead dog, but then he was paralyzed when he saw his bike lying on the ground it had suffered a mishap, the headlights were broken and it seemed it had been hit by a vehicle, he decided to keep moving back leaving his bike behind and then he stumbled upon something again.

It was the dead body of a man with the same height, same body structure and exactly identical clothes to what he was wearing, in shock and despair, his hands started shivering, he tried to see the face He tried hard, but the face appeared blurred, he rubbed his eyes and tried to see again but he could not be assured of the face. he slapped himself, rubbed his eyes again Was he dead? Was it his dead body? Then it became clearer, yes it was him. May be he had been killed earlier in the day when he was riding his bike but he had not realized, he decided to keep walking back and try to negate all this he thought by walking back he was breaking the loop of obscurity , as he walked back he fell again but this time he fell into a dark hollow , he was now assured that he had died as he saw the light at the end of the tunnel of life, he saw the bright light coming right into his face, he saw the disillusioned figure of god calling him into heaven, yes it was not as painful as he expected, death was such a simple process.

He decided to close his eyes now and surrender to his fate, tears dropped down his eyes when he realized that he had missed the opportunity to say goodbye to his loved ones

He felt that after leap years of travelling through space he finally had reached heaven, as he could hear some sounds around him, some birds chirping, some people speaking. He kept his eyes closed as the light from heaven was extremely bright, it would not let him open his eyes and then he felt something hit his knee very hard, He shouted in pain as that thing hit him again, it felt like a rod, as he slowly opened his eyes he saw a mustached man, looking at him. He became more aware of his surroundings when the man spoke “Why do you drink so much ?”

As he got up, he realized that he had been sleeping in a manhole, which had been dug in between a construction site; he had been hallucinating all night. He felt a strong headache as he walked towards his house. there was no dog, no bike, and then he looked at the Water well and the banyan tree in disbelief, what a nightmare it had been, The Pan beedi vendor was laughing hysterically as he walked past him

The Vehicle had come to pick him up last night but he had not been there below his house, they had waiting for him for quite some time before driving away, his manager told him.

© Jitendra Kotai