The Devastator

The Devastator

I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to a stop. I could not see this end. There will so much bloodshed. All humans will face their karma. The destroyer as they call them would end the world as Kalyuga has taken over. He will end this reign of evil.

I am fondly referred to as ‘Narad Muni’. I am extremely diplomatic and I think from both perspectives. But I am extremely loyal and hence I stay biased to my master ‘Lord Vishnu’

I have never questioned the decisions of the Lord. I usually play the mediator between the Evil and the Good .But this was the final stage of the battle between the two sects of the human society.

I was present in human form and I had to again play mediator but deceive the demons into losing the final battle. The Lord worked in mysterious ways and I was not sure about the reason he chose manipulation to win these battles.

My name in this form was Manav. Although I was not a human in anyway; I represented the human race in a time where humanity was in shackles.

The Apocalypse had begun and the Lord had taken the final Avatar to destroy all evil forces. As I was pretending to be on both sides; I was aware of the plans of the Evil too.

Ravana had created an entourage of all defeated in previous battles. He was the one with the intelligence of ten pandits and hence he was the planner of the assassination.

He came with name Ambareesh Ranatunga and he was a trader that had migrated from Sri Lanka to Chennai, India to set up his factory of garments.

He had befriended another rich business tycoon named Yogesh Mathur who would soon be contesting elections to become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. As I looked into his eyes; I realized that he was Kansa.

They were also being supported by someone named Arjun Mathur who was born as the younger brother of Yogesh Mathur. He was duryodhan who was born with another name but he chose to be called Arjun by everyone who met him.

He was the media baron who ruled Mumbai and filtered all news to report only news that humans should see; so that they lose all hope in humanity.

The Lord was born with the name ‘Mayur’. He was a honest journalist. He covered the crime beat in the most popular newspaper. He was brave and sincere. He was still not aware in this human form that he was the Kalki Avatar. There was a protective shield by Brahma that watched over the lord. His mother Mayraa and his wife Padmini were aware of his mood swings. They had seen him in rage; It was the most furious form of rage that could ever exist. As soon as he would flare his nostrils and grind his teeth; he transformed into something else. He looked menacing with bloodshot red eyes and the only person who could control his rage was padmini.

His best friend and colleague Devdutt accompanied him wherever he went. He would usually drive the car and drop him off. Devdutt was obsessed with White. He would usually wear white clothes with white shoes and he looked extremely handsome. He could carry it off in style. It did not take me much time to realize that Devdutt was the metaphor for the white horse mentioned in the Holy books. He was the Vahaan that liked everything white hence his car too was sparkling clean and white.

I realized that the day had come. The news channels were flashing news about a man that claimed to be GOD. His name was Baba Bhairavnath.  When his face flashed on my television screen I realized that he was Kali.

The Kalki Purana states that

Kali is always seen to be holding his genitals in his left hand. His complexion is very black, like black ointment that has been mixed with oil

Kali’s abdomen is like that of a crow, his face is frightening to behold, and his tongue is red and appears to be full of greed. His appearance is very fearful and a bad smell emanates from his body. Kali is very fond of playing chess, drinking wine, enjoying the company of prostitutes, and associating with gold merchants.

The Above description fit this man perfectly. He indeed claimed to have superpowers and he was famous for misbehaving with women. He had raped many women followers but since he had the support of the Chief Minister of the state he continued creating havoc.

An RTI Activist named Ratan had explored the truth behind many mishappenings in Baba’s Ashram. As Ratan walked with the file towards my lord; I realized that this will lead to my worst nightmare. I wanted to delay that so that humankind would introspect and find my lord within themselves. I wanted them to start being human so that they could be saved from this punishment.

But now it was too late. I saw rage in my lord’s eyes as he went through the proofs.

Baba had already committed all the heinous crimes predicted in the Kalki Purana.

This was the time for him to repent. He had to be given the capital punishment and he was going to be slaughtered in broad daylight by my Lord.

As mentioned in Kalki Purana; the pretentious saint had impregnated his own sister and tortured her for many years.  She had finally mustered the courage to speak up against him. She knew all about all his crimes and she had been collecting all the evidence while staying in his ashram as a slave.

Ratan was the weapon. The Lord would kill Kali with a weapon named Ratan as per the Kalki Purana. Before that could happen; the lord had to be made aware of his greatness. He had to be enlightened in this human form.

There was a group of people protecting him. There was a group of people out to destroy him. And he was totally unaware of all this.

I decided to talk to my lord. When I reached his office; I had gone with a bag of currency notes. It was handed over to me by Ambareesh Ranatunga and his entourage to stop my lord from unmasking their Baba Bairavnath.

Ratan and Devdutt were present in the office. As I walked in and smiled they recognized me.

Devdutt : (Introducing me) : Mr.Manav Goel, he is the man about town. Everyone in this city of Mumbai knows him. He knows all the celebrities and big business tycoons. He is usually the mediator in all big business deals.

Mayur : So what brings you here

Those words from my Lord sent me into a trance. I wanted to say ‘Narayan’ ‘Narayan’ and sing praises of my Lord. But it would make it very obvious.

Devdutt looked at me expecting me to give up my humanly form at any time and fall at my beloved Lord’s feet.

But instead I chose to play the role I was in. My Lord had written it that way and it had to be performed in that way.

Manav Goel (handing over the bag of cash to devdutt): Let us take a selfie to ensure that the news stays buried. This is five crores.

Mayur :(( snatching the bag from me in rage): We will take the money but we will still expose your Baba. This money is to prevent any further damages as I am sure your baba will soon be acquitted of all charges.

My Lord had outwitted everyone. I realized that he was aware of who he was. I had tears in my eyes when he acknowledged my desire of calling out his name and sing his praises. I cried and shouted ‘Narayan , Narayan’

Every news channel played the story of a Baba that had raped his own sister and tortured her for decades.

There was no one to filter the news since Media Baron Arjun Mathur was found dead on the escalator leading to his office lobby. His tie had gotten stuck in the escalator as he bent down to pick the name card of my Lord that had slipped from his hand.

Business tycoon and Politician Yogesh Mathur suffered the same fate when he faced my Lord and fell off from the Stage during his political rally. My Lord killed him just by looking into his eyes and his death was officially recorded as an accident.

Businessman Ambareesh Ranatunga stood in support of Baba Bairavnath. His supporters burned the town when Baba was arrested. Law and Order could not do much when Baba’s followers turned to streets and burned down shops, busses and Cars. Hundreds of people died on that day.

And then I saw the inevitable.  My Lord had come to the realization of who he has

He had come into his original form and a select few people could he see him that way. I was one of the lucky ones. He did not need to do much. Typhoons and thunderstorms stuck the country. He walked towards the two remaining offenders. They had already surrendered to their fate.

His touch could lead to death. He just had to unleash the destroyer in him.


The Devastator was in his full glory and this was the new beginning

© Author : Jitendra Kotai



Resurgence- The Second Chance



Hovering over the clouds it fluttered high in the air. It felt like an airplane but it was an airborne vehicle destined to reach an unexplored  point of disembarkation

Aditya walked through the narrow dark lanes connecting the different compartments of this mysterious vehicle. In Every compartment he saw people like him who were lost in their own worlds staring outside the vehicle and admiring the beauty of the sky.

They did not acknowledge his presence and neither was he interested in knowing them. He was more curious to know where this journey would end. Another aspect that was troubling his psyche was how he reached this mysterious airplane. Umpteen attempts to remember had not given him a clear picture. He had forgotten everything about his life. The Only thing he remembered was his name and the fact that he was making this journey to an undisclosed location.

As he reached the last compartment he saw that the airplane was headed by four flying white horses and a chariot.

On the chariot sat two men, The First One was the one controlling the movement of the flying horses and if the story book versions of him had to be believed, he looked like Yamraj with his dark complexioned skin and thick handlebar moustache.

The second one held an unknown device in his hand where he was calculating something continuously. On his device random images of people appeared at rapid speed and he was giving them all some points and scores and minimizing their profiles.

four horses n chariot



Aditya felt paranoid. A Golden chariot led by white horses flying well above the clouds. Was he dreaming all this he thought .The man doing the calculations  seemed like a very normal guy wearing formal clothes, clean shaven and very well groomed. Aditya thought of having a conversation with him and ask him about his obnoxious journey.

He sat down next to him on the chariot and broke the rhythm of his calculations.

The Man Introduced himself with a smile . ” I am Chitragupt ” He said.”God’s Official Accountant”

A Puzzled Aditya looked amused and asked ” Where Am I “

Chitragupt replied ” You are Dead . This is your journey to the point of equilibrium from where we will decide whether you should go to heaven or hell “

Aditya was stunned to know this. He had subconsciously felt he was dead but he had been negating that thought and thrusting his mind with other positive ideas.

Chitragupt Quipped ” I know it is difficult to accept your own death “

Aditya tried to understand the calculations which appeared on Chitragupt’s device. Millions of transactions were showing and scores were rapidly changing in people’s profiles.

Chitragupt ended his curiosity by showing him his scorecard  ” See you have maintained an excellent balance, The reason you are sitting here with me is because of your ability to maintain fantastic balance between good deeds and bad deeds you did on earth “

Aditya blatantly refused to acknowledge that he had committed any sins. He felt he had always tried to be a nice human being and had always done all the righteous things

Chitragupt on the other hand felt that all humans ignore their own misdeeds and forgive themselves so easily. They are perfect at pointing out other peoples mistakes and flaws, but rarely do they introspect and see their own sins.

Chitragupt said in angry tone ” I have been irritated by your upswings and downfalls. your consistency in coupling every good deed with a sin and now i am fed up”

Chitragupt was indecisive. They had reached the point of equilibrium where he separated people based on their final assessments.


The Only person left was Aditya Aditya

Chitragupt then decided to give him a second chance. He said ” This has never been done before but since you have been so annoyingly balanced. i want to give you another chance. i will send you back to earth to first understand the sins you committed and once you understand the gravity of these sins . i will give you one chance to rectify one sin and change it into a good deed”

“The Balance will tilt towards heaven and then we can send you there ” he said

Once Aditya left ,Yamraj said ” You sent him on such a difficult task”

Chitragupt replied ” I want him to be a lesson for all mankind “

Meanwhile on Earth ,Aditya found himself seated in a bus . As he turned his head he saw himself seated right next to his own past self. His past self looked very happy listening to the songs playing on his Ipod. He was swinging his head to the beats of the song and humming the lines of the song ecstatically.

Looking at his own self


It felt great looking at his own self from an outsiders point of view. He noticed his attire, his hairstyle. He felt proud of himself . He tried to speak to himself but the voice did not reach. It felt like the person on the other end , his own past self was guarded by millions of barriers which prevented the interaction. He decided to observe himself , as suggested by chitragupt.

Another aspect he realized was that he could read the minds of the surrounding people and his own past self and this helped him analyze the situation and understand better if he committed a sin or he played good samaritan.

The Bus stopped and his past self got down from the bus. Aditya followed him

His past self stopped to eat a sandwich on the street and aditya noticed a beggar looking at his past self with a hope to get some help.

The Beggars mind read” i have got nothing to eat for the past three days. I hope this nice looking man gives me something”. Aditya could not recollect the moment from his past whether he helped the beggar or not. It seemed such a non important routine moment .To his surprise his past self did he see the beggar. The Beggar made a sign that he was hungry. He had no energy to speak.For a moment his past self stopped and thought about giving something to the beggar but his phone beeped. He smiled and read a whatsapp message and moved ahead replying messages in the chat conversation to his girlfriend with a smile. Aditya sat there next to the beggar for a few seconds. He felt really bad about himself. The Beggar continued to starve and started looking for leftovers in the dustbin nearby.

Aditya then remembered how unashamedly.he had told Chitragupt that he had never done anything wrong. But there was more to come.

Aditya reached home along with his past self. His Past self was returning home after two days of outings with his friends. His past self immediately sat on his laptop and connected his headphones and started watching a movie.

Aditya read his mother’s mind ” He did not even acknowledge my presence ” she nodded her head in disapproval.” I have been so sick for two days and been missing him so much” she thought and went into the kitchen to heat his food.

Aditya felt shattered when he saw his mother crying quietly in the kitchen, he felt worse when his past self ordered in a loud nasty tone for food to be served to him immediately.
Things got immensely heartbreaking when she gave him the food, aditya’s past self felt that the food prepared by his mother was extremely boring and instead he ordered a pizza .

Aditya felt embarrassed by his own behaviour towards his mom, which was completely routine when he was alive. He never even noticed his mother’s tears after his rude remarks.

In another moment,Aditya sat next to his past self while he drove to his office. His past self was engrossed in playing candy crush while driving and almost bumped to two pedestrians.

On reaching office Aditya sat opposite to a crying Suganda, Aditya’s ex girlfriend with whom he had broken up only because another popular girl and socialite was showing interest in him. Suganda was the simple and studious girl next door who did not wear skimpy hot clothes.

Suganda’s mind read ” All that he ever said, his feelings, his passionate romantic messages and lengthy love letters were all fake. He is so casual about this entire relationship and i still love him with so much of passion”
Aditya’s past self had failed to acknowledge her true love. He laughed while read a flirtatious message from the other girl and completely disapproved Suganda ‘s feelings. 

His Past self got up and said to Suganda ” Anything else ? So it is over right.. Please stop crying and move on.”

Aditya felt so small and shallow, someone who constantly hurt his own mother and now he was hurting this naive innocent girl .Breaking her heart would mean that she may never believe in true love again.

Aditya sat alone in the garden outside his house and cried. He was feeling extremely ashamed of himself. He remembered the scenes from his life, where he had been extremely rude to his father and he had said certain things to his mother which had immensely hurt her.

Aditya cried and begged Chitragupt to stop this and send him to hell. A thunderstorm erupted and aditya fell to the ground and suddenly the ground opened up and he fell through a huge dark ditch, sliding deep and deep into infinity . A never ending depression which he felt was his own mind..where he saw his own thoughts resurfacing in the form of written quotes. He read those ugly thoughts which had occurred to him where had desired for things forbidden and where he had wished negativity for others.His entire life came flashing at him as he fell deeper and deeper into the circular ditch which was possibly taking him to hell . He closed his eyes anticipating ruthless things, Crying inconsolably with his hands folded. He had surrendered to his fate.

However The next moment he got up in his bed to an ordinary morning and walked out of his room, and saw father reading the newspaper 

His mother came and kissed his forehead and gave him a cup of tea as he sat on the sofa.

He saw himself in the mirror and he felt completely alive. He was going to proclaim  that all that transpired was a dream when suddenly he saw someone familiar walk into the garden outside.

He went to the garden area and shrieked loudly ” Chitragupt ” “That means i was really dead ” 

Dressed exactly in the same formal attire Chitragupt stood there and said ” You were the chosen one, only because you helped some street children study by donating them your books and many other good deeds that you did unknowingly ” “Go grab your second chance and live again” Chitragupt concluded.

An emotional aditya thanked chitragupt for allowing him to revive his life and relive those moments.
The new reformed Aditya immediately rushed to hug his mother.He said “Sorry Mom, I know i have been very rude to you and always engrossed in either my cellphone or laptop, I Promise i will change and be a better son”

It was time to leave for office. He hugged his dad and said ” I will prove to be a good son”

As he walked past the garden he saw that there was huge ditch which he had fallen into, He still could not decide whether the events that had transpired were real, Had he really died ? Had he met Chitragupt and Yamraj ? Had he been on that journey to the point of equilibrium in that strange airplane?  

He went back to the office canteen and sat next to a teary eyed suganda and said ” I am sorry for all that i did . i have realized that your love is true and real and that we are meant to be together ” 

His phone beeped but he chose to ignore it. It beeped again but he kept it on silent mode and said to himself ” i will check it after suganda leaves, let me live the moments with her without getting distracted into my phone”
He had looked up from the virtual worlds of his cellphone and electronic devices and acknowledged real people, His real world which was earlier lost in the virtual world in his hand.

We may not get a second chance. Look up from your phone now. Stop asking whatsapp on your phone and and start feeling what is really happening to those waiting for that one glance, one smile, One appreciation and one acknowledgement from you. 

© Jitendra Kotai