Mrigtrishna-The Mirage 

                Mrigtrishna-The Mirage 

:“Do you know what is extremely dissapointing? “

“Realizing that everything you ever believed in was utter nonsense”

Amar Bhatnagar was talking to a group of admirers

This was a private coaching centre of science primarily focussing on the study of Cryonics based in Pune.

Cryonics is a science that is regarded with skepticism in the mainstream scientific community

It is the low temperature preservation of people that cannot be sustained by Contemporary medicine with the hope that the restoration of health may be possible in the far future.

The clinically dead people are frozen at temperatures below -196 degrees celsius

This is usually done when a patient is declared legally dead

Niharika was taking keen interest in the topic of research.

Amar Bhatnagar had his own theories and he used scientific metaphors for his own self proclaimed discoveries. Some students believed him in blind faith whereas some questioned his levels of sanity.

“Is it possible to be alive forever ??” he inquired to a very receptive audience

“Immortality has always been fascinating. Fiction has many tales of people who are immortal.But Is it possible to be ageless and alive forever.” He smiled as he said this.

“. If we look at Indian Mythology it has characters that have won over death. It has certain gods and demi-gods who have the boon to be ageless and alive. “

“There are a lot of fictional characters that continue to live on forever like Dorian Gray. He sells his soul to the devil and his life -like painting ages but he does not. “

Seated on the first bench. She always fiddled with her hair when he saw her. She never looked away when he looked lustfully at her.Holding her pen in her mouth and giving an obvious indication of being fascinated by him, Niharika kept staring at the handsome professor

“The Great Epic Ramayana boasts of a Sanjeevani Booti that brings dead people back to life. Is it possible that there could be something like that.

Can humans be immortal ?

A question that has been troubling many people all over the world.”

“Immortality is like a mirage in the desert. It looks like water from a distance but it is actually sand.It is just an image of water due the reflection of the will never quench your thirst “he concluded 

The students applauded and he smiled with confidence at fooling them all and luring them into his mad world.



A Few Kilometers away in another city named Mumbai, a girl of a similar age had been killed. The sight was unnatural. No evidence could be found.

Inspector Shahid khan gaped into oblivion.He was a tough cop but he had a very sensitive side to him. He had swollen eyes since he had been drinking a lot recently. He could no longer handle seeing dead bodies and determining the reason behind ghastly murders.

The Crime scene had been doctored and cleaned with finesse. The last person this lady was seen with was her boyfriend..

“ They had been madly in love” said the neighbour

“ I had seen them so often, completely lost in each other” They never realized anybody else’s presence.” She had a tear drop from her eye. Then suddenly she recollected something

“ The Man was from another city in the North, he had recently moved to Mumbai”

“Were they Married ?” Inquired Khan while inspecting something on the wall

“ No, they were just living together. They were going to get married soon” she recollected

The girl had been killed in a very unique way. She had been frozen to her death. The room was full of syringes but fingerprints had been carefully wiped off.

Inspector Shahid Khan then seized the laptop he found in the house. At night while alone in his police station on another sleepless night  he started running a software that brings back all erased data onto the laptop.

He got into a contained various pictures of dead bodies that had been dug from graves. There were videos of experiments made on this dead bodies. Someone was out there who had started believing that he could resurrect dead people.

They chanced upon some more evidence. Another girl killed in another city. She was also killed in a very similar way. There was a formula and some scientific calculations written in a document that explained the whole experiment. The Resurrection process also involved chanting of some mantras and a herb that had been brought especially from a mountain. Our saviour had named it Sanjeevani Booti  The Man conducting these experiments was named Dr Amar Bhatnagar in the tapes. He spoke very loudly and in an extremely narcissistic way talked only about himself and his experiments.

Findings in the case revealed

There was a huge freezer that had been bought specifically for these expirements . It was not seen on the crime scene.This freezer had been bought by the girl killed and she had willingly participated in this mad experiment after having consumated her love with the killer.

Further findings revealed that this name was bogus and the degree used was bogus too. The Horrific revelation was that the person conducting these experiments was not qualified to be out in the medical world and conducting such a horrendous research




Meanwhile in Pune 

Niharika and Professor Amar Bhatnagar usually worked alone in his laboratory. She loved his passion towards the subject. The flair with which he spoke was intoxicating.

She had taken loans to fund his laboratory and the entire experiment.

He had lured her to giving herself up for experimentation. The experiment was simple. She had to die. After her death Dr Bhatnagar would revive her with his newly learnt science of waking the dead. Niharika had another wish too. Her death wish was the professor. She wanted to make passionate love to him before he killed her. She wanted to die in his arms and she had the unbroken faith that he could resurrect her.

She was totally in awe of him. She believed every word he uttered from his mouth.The experiment he was going to conduct was not Cryonics. This was an experiment to test immortality

He fiddled with the hair on her face and said “ There are two ways of achieving immortality”

The first way is to die and rely on your experienced mentor to bring you back.The Second way is to gain the supernatural powers yourself to awaken from the dead “

He fulfilled her last wish by passionately devouring her body before freezing her to death. But this time something unexpected happened. The Formula did work and he brought her back from the dead. Niharika was revived soon after she died. But she had no memory of that incident. She behaved like someone else. Her tone of voice, her mannerisms and behaviour were totally different.She seemed to not remember the doctor or the experiment at all.

An Excited Amar bhatnagar was enthralled by his victorious

“How far fetched is our imagination ? Something that we imagine today can it be a reality tomorrow? Scientists have been converting our fictional imaginations into reality with their inventions. It is a very optimistic thought that the future beholds better technology and smarter gadgets. Have you ever thought about it in a pessimistic way ?”

“Have you ever imagined that what will happen if the world is taken over by a smart man like me and i become destructive against humanity ?”

He kept talking to her and failed to get her response. “It is my fourth achievement.i have got the Midas touch” he shouted in ecstasy


Inspector Shahid Khan showed the tapes to the senior officers who were taken aback by the abuse someone could possibly give to others in the name of experiments. This man’s insanity knew no bounds.

The tormentor kept his back to the camera throughout the ordeal and hence it was difficult for the police to find him.

Meanwhile in Pune Inspector Rajesh Shirodkar had an ordinary month so far. No crimes were reported to him until a horrendous crime that was soon going to be reported.

A Science lab full of equipment and a girl frozen to death was going to unnerve him

The Girl was identified as Niharika. The Man that killed her had disappeared. There was no evidence left behind apart from a dead body frozen to below -196 degrees

Meanwhile In a Bus En-route from Pune to Ahmedabad . The repeat offender was contemplating another gorgeous lady for his sacrilege . He was glaring at her like a predator eyes his prey.According to him he was doing to this for the greater good

According to him Niharika was still awake and seated right next to him. The Other women he had killed prior to this were also alive in his world. He was living in denial of his experiments that had gone horribly wrong . There was no truth in his theory of reviving people back to life with his combined study of cryonics, Mantras and Sanjeevani Booti,

The Two inspectors had done their thorough research on him zeroed in on him.His laptop had given away all details of his moves and he had been following a predictable pattern.

The Policeman reached before him at the destination and nabbed him as soon as he got down from the bus. He had befriended the pretty damsel during the time spent on the bus and she was lucky enough to be saved from the maniac.

He kept repeating that he had done a favor to mankind by proving the science in Ramayana. He had found a cure to death and Sanjeevani Booti combined with Mantras and Cryonics could revive someone and bring them back from the dead.

Humanity survives on hope and faith. But the faith should be backed by skepticism

Blind following and faith has disastrous results

Religious books and Mythological tales have some magical stories and some unrealistic assumptions about Gods and their superpowers.

These things cannot be linked and such people that mix religion with science are dangerous. Medical science is based on facts. But Applying those metaphors and finding alternate medicine can lead to untimely demise of the subjects of these experiments.

There is no escape from Suffering and Death- Gautam Buddha





The universe consists of three loks  (layers) Aakash, Dharti and Patal 

Patal lok was being ruled by King Lord Yakshin. Until one day when under mysterious conditions he was rendered spechless and motionless .The Queen Yakshini had taken over as the ruler and had held her own Coronation ceremony

Amidst the most powerful men of those times, She held her stature high. She was an enchantress

She had almond shaped lustrous eyes ,an enthralling flirtatious smile  and a  magnetic voluptuous body. Her curves were so articulate that she seemed like a flawless painting by kamadeva

Her aura was sensuous.. Her seductive scent aroused temptations in his minds of most glorified souls.Her glance was hypnotic. Whenever she looked at a man, woman or even gods they were instantly mesmerized

Her golden throne embedded with diamonds enticed all the monarchical presence there.

She wore a glistening Silky white robe and a fine piece of jewellery made of rare stones around her neck.

She announced that she will now be taking all decisions concerning the people of the kingdom as the King of Patal Lok- Lord Yakshin was incapable due to hisome illness . He was brought in the Darbar with his four sevaks lifting his throne.

He was not able to even utter a single word. The Almighty Ruler of the dark forces was now completely dependent on his sevaks.. Everyone present had expected foul play but were so spellbound by her that they did not raise a doubt.

Rakansur was the most powerful man in this yuga. He had convincingly defeated all deities of patalpur . He had also acquired tremendous knowledge of everything as  he had been the only one who had travelled across patalpur and been to visit Dharti Lok and other universes that existed. He was the only one who was not enthralled by her presence. He carefully looked away from her as she had the extreme power to attract and destroy his predominance.

He argued the state of the Lord by questioning her credibility. The Valor with which he argued brought tears to the eyes of the Lord Yakshin.

In a thunderous voice he announced “ I am saddened to see that the mighty warrior named Yakshin who fought the hardest against me in the battle of supremacy . He has withered into a catatonic state under the care of this sorceress that claims to be his wife “

The Enchantress sat on her throne and smiled. She was not affected by the hatred of one man. She said in style “ Rakansur, i have a lot of respect for you , my dear. But you need to do your investigation before blaming me for the state of Lord Yakshin”

The entire darbar erupted in support of Yakshini. An enraged Rakansur left the Darbar.

On the very next day as Rakansur was walking past the forest he noticed her hurriedly vanishing into the woods. He followed her and reached to a point of no return.

He stood stunned as she uncovered herself from the shiny robe and opened her arms. He glanced into her seductive eyes and he was hypnotised. He stood there in a trance devouring her captivating body with his eyes, He felt that if he touched her it would spoil that moment of pleasure. The enthralling pleasure of seeing such beauty that could invoke passion even in someone who is dead. He had lost his first battle with her without even putting up a fight. As he walked upto her he was appalled by the sweet fragrance she evoked.

As he was about to touch her she vanished leaving him in a state of despair. He had been transformed into an admirer that lusted for a glance from her.He had been so mesmerized by her beauty and sex appeal that he had forgotten everything around him.The only thought in his mind was hers.All he wanted to do was be around her, see her everyday and smell her fragrance.He was obsessed with her.

The next day he sat next to her in the darbar as he had been appointed as the primary sevak of her husband

While serving as the King’s Sevak.He always saw that question in the eyes of the king that how could a person of his stature give in to desires and fantasies

The great righteous warrior had eaten the forbidden fruit and shied away from his duties

She waged many wars with neighboring towns and countries and appointed him as the army cheif .He won them all as he still was the mightiest.He did everything to impress her and get her attention.

The only thing he lived for was surrendering himself in her arms one day and fullfilling his lustful desires .This addiction to her was growing stronger by the day

One night in his state of trance he had seen the king crying again .His sorrow filled eyes had given him tremendous amount of guilt .He felt the pain and agony the king was going through and he wanted to be the saviour .

.He saw his reflection in the mirror and felt that he had become a disgusting opportunist.

In that moment of introspection he also realized that if he started a rebellion , he would suffer the same fate as the king and hence he had to first find out the spell she had used on the king

He had to develop a counter spell so that he could stand up to her nuisance and give justice to all those people that were being tormented by her

One night during his investigations he had found a dungeon full of ex-kings that had gone missing .She had slayed all her husbands and prospective kings.Those she could not kill for some reason were in a catatonic state like King Yakshin

He investigated more and more and secretly followed her to all the places she visited .One night she was hurriedly walking across the jungle and he walked behind her secretly at a distance. She had covered her face with a veil and looked very disturbed .

Hiding behind a tree , He saw something horrific.

She stood below a huge Oak tree and opened her arms .From behind the tree A Wild beast covered in blood appeared.He almost fainted at this sight .The Beast could scare away a mighty warrior like him by just appearing .He had bloodshot eyes and a huge torso.His torso had various scorpions moving around. In his childhood he had heard stories of a Scorpion monster that lived in the deep forest and was the ruler of Satanic forces that existed in the dark world .The Beast feasted on the blood through the Yakshinis neck .

She shouted in pain and cried as he sucked life out of her .She was left in shackles and looked withered and extremely old

Once the ordeal was over she regained her form of the beautiful enchantress and walked back to the palace .

There was no way he could defeat the Scorpion Monster.But there was certainly a way of defeating the Yakshini and freeing the kingdom from her clutches.

He observed her everyday to find one weakness he could capitalize upon

That night she walked into his room and uncovered her robe .His fantasies and dreams were going to be fulfilled .Had he impressed her so much that she was offering herself to him or was she planning something hideous and manipulative .All he could remember was the beast feasting on her neck .He felt repulsive but he couldn’t have stopped her.She started by pleasing him.While she was in the act of pleasuring him he noticed her neck had a big wound .He had never noticed it before .As he tried to touch it , the wound healed itself . .She felt a disconnect right away and read his mind that he could probably could turn rebellious .She usually drank cannabis and offered him to join her. She urged him to close his eyes. As he touched his nose to the cannabis she had offered him.He could feel plenty of scorpions moving all over his body .He closed his eyes as he savoured the heavely drink .When he opened his eyes he found himself in the Jungle tied to the Huge Tree .All saplings had grown over him and he just couldn’t move.The Scorpion monster appeared from behind the tree and stood in front of him The sight made him cry .

The Ugly beast had blood flowing from his eyes and the deafening sounds of his roars made him lose his sanity  .He digged his teeth deep into his neck and started feasting on his blood .The pain was ferocious and the once mighty warrior had succumbed to the dark forces.

The next day he found himself in a catonic state similar to the king .She continued her lustful escapades with him but she didn’t need to change form. She just walked in like a beast and devoured life out him every night .The fragrance was just a farce..She was covered in blood and filth and she smelled exactly like the beast .

The Mighty warrior decided to use his inner strength and fight the demon.He realized that he would be fed to the demon on every fortnight on amavasya . The method remained same. She poured down the cannabis drink through his mouth and forced him to close his eyes. When he opened his eyes he was tied to the Oak tree. For one split of a second he had all his strength. That moment was the only time when he could break free and attack the demon

Rakansur used all his might to break free but he was not strong enough ..The wound on his neck grew wider and a scorpion crawled out of it .The Blood thirsty beast pounced on him and continued the torment .Tears rolled down his cheeks as he sat in a catonic state hoping that a mighty warrior like him would visit patal lok one day and rescue him.

If such a warrior came ,

He would use all his energy to keep him away from Yakshini the enchantress .He had fallen deep in that trap and only he was to be blamed for succumbing to his desires

The Rich Almighty

The Rich Almighty

Famous Lines of Sant Kabir “Moko Kahan dhoonde re bande, Main to tere paas mein. Na mandir mein, Na Masjid Mein.. Na kabe kailash mein. Main to tere paas mein bande. Main to hoon Vishwas mein “ State that “Where are you looking for me o human. I am inside you. I am neither in a temple nor in a mosque. I am inside you. i am in your faith “

Those who believe in God always state that he never differentiates. He is omnipresent and he is not biased towards his believer based on their wealth and the amount of donation the believer renders to his temple.

Even then we see V.I.P Lines in Siddhi Vinayak temple where celebrities get the darshan discreetly and are allowed to stay for as long as they wish to. Whereas commoners are ushered and pushed away as soon as they catch a glimpse of their deity .

The Focus today is on whether or not we should donate to temples. Does donating gold, valuables and cash to the temple work towards any cause. The Statues of gods are laden with Heavy jewelery. Does it make them more pious ?

According to a report from a mainstream media house named Dainik Bhaskar
The Appropriation of funds in some of the major temples all across India has come into questioning. The Trustees have not been maintaining their accounts and have not even done an audit for years.
Below mentioned are the basic figures of how much some of the major shrines are worth

1) Shirdi Sai Baba Temple – Gold and Jewellery worth 32 crores. Yearly income 350 crore in Donations .
2) Siddhi Vinayak temple mumbai- The dome over Lord Ganesha is 3.7 kg Gold and the temple gets 48 crore annually in donations
3) Vaishno Devi Mandir, Kashmir- A rough estimated income of 500 crore every year
4) Tirupati Balaji ,- The temple gets a whooping 650 crore in donations and the gold on the deity itself is 1000 kg
5) Padmanabhaswamy temple, Kerala- Gold Treasure worth 20 billion was found in this temple. There were sacks of diamonds and tonnes of gold jewellery mysteriously untouched for years
Public Figures like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Agnivesh and Baba Ramdev have come in support and stated that instead of donating money in temples. We should ideally take care of a poor child’s health and education. There are many below the poverty line who do not get basic necessities and helping them would please the Almighty even more.
God does not want our riches and materialistic mode of exchange

Have you ever read the small writing inscribed above the charity box in a temple.
In all likelihood it reads ‘All donations will go towards building the corpus of the temple fund”. They may even mention the names of the great benevolent souls that poured their heart out in charity. They may even mention the amounts that they had donated. But what they will never mention is what was that donation used for and how were those funds utilized. In india they say Charity should be done according to your willingness and Capability. But what they forget to tell you is that it should be done for a cause and not wasted in giving gold to a deity

From my perspective Shirdi Sai Baba would have been terribly hurt when a devotee donated him a golden throne. He was a true fakeer who had given up all materialistic things in his life. All his life he lived in a broken hut called Dwarka Mai which only had a pot of water in it as his belonging . He relied on the charitable food which his devotees prepared for him. He had left all worldly pleasures and hence we was known as a saint.
If he would have been alive. He would have utilized this golden throne donation for a true charitable cause and helped mankind.

Another aspect is Anonymous donations that add up to the temple corpus. Such donations are not considered as the temple’s income and hence the temple pays no tax on such donations. The Fake donor does so to avoid tax or convert the money earned by unethical means and the real donor that really wants to do something good does not realize that there is no accountability of his generosity

if you light up a diya in front of your deity. it is not necessary that it should be done with expensive ghee.On your religious or spiritual journey monetary gains or monetary show off should be of least importance .
If you donate a gold rath (vehicle) when your deity is carried out for rath yatra and the news makes is purely showing off of your wealth and indirect advertising to prospective business associates. It can never please your deity, if millions of his creations suffer for a daily two time meal. Your Riches and finances if you have in abundance , i request you to use your head and try for maximum optimum utilization of your resources for the growth and benefit of mankind .

Article 26 of The Constitution of India states that the temples governance will have no interference from the government.

In Spite of this the government has intervened in the process on their false pretext of streamlining it.The Appointment of officers, Archnayaks and head priests in some temples is in the hands of the government

On Tuesday March 8th 2011. High court issued a notice against the Andhra Pradesh Government for diverting Tirupati temple funds towards other activities .

I was born in a priest family and i have stolen coins from the temple many times for my personal entertainment in my childhood.

I was a small child then but the government is full of corrupt people that come into power only to utilize their tenure to their maximum personal benefit and entertainment

The last thought gave me a very wild imagination. The Money you donated to your shrine for purely pious reasons might just be getting used by a small minister for his Bangkok Pleasure trip

Wake up now.. Donate with our own hands and for the right cause to the right person that is actually in need. God is already the Almighty. He does not need your money or your riches, He lives in a non-materialistic world and he has nothing to do with your currency notes. What holds value for him is your humanity and devotion.

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Safarnama- The Diary of a Journey

It was my first book launch and i had written the Autobiography of a very dear friend.

The Host of the event introduced

“This Book is based on the life and times of renowned novelist and philanthropist Mr Samarth Rao. The Author Karuna Mitra is an advocate and had been a very close friend and a huge admirer of his work. “ This book is the biography of and  a tribute to the great artist “

I had no options left in my life after he suddenly left from my life without any prior warning and all i could think of was him.Some people leave their imprints on your mind.Their overall existence is so impactful that all we can think about is them

i was like meera who was completely smitten by Lord Krishna. I had surrendered my entire being to him. I could never think about any other man in my entire life after he rejected my proposal. He was an insane artist and his fundas of life were insane too

He believed in unrequited love without any expectations. He said that the moment the lovers agree that they are in love, expectations arise and love dies

But his words were true .Today even i believe that the Best form of love is when it is Unrequited

It is the purest form of love when you don’t expect someone to love you back

It needs lots of courage and patience to not expect them to love you

I was slightly nervous but i did address the audience

His picture walking away  with his back turned to the world formed the cover of my book and the title read “Safarnama – The Dairy of a Journey ” .. I held the book up showing  it to the audience and spoke

“His famous lines were – “

“An Artist is like the wind.breezing through the freeway “.” Free flowing, Unstoppable and Wild”.

“If you stop him and ask him to flow in a certain way. Restrict him by censoring his thoughts. He will be unable to flow at all”

“The Creativity is a natural process. Let the Artist be. Let him flow like a river, blow like the wind”

“He was my best friend. A Philosopher, An Amazing Story teller. His Dreamy eyes would always be analyzing some aspects of life and building up a creative story”

“We had grown up together.Right since childhood i knew that he was special.I was not the only girl in awe of his thought process. He had a huge female fan following “

“Through School and College he kept growing in life as a person and as a writer.

Once he started publishing his work . I realized that i had recognized his value most accurately”

“He had the midas touch. All the stories he wrote were bestseller and sold at-least million copies.”.”He showed the world how to live it up. He donated 80 percent of his income in charity and the rest he spent on himself buying the best luxuries possible. He had a big heart and he was fearless. His charismatic smile never left his face. He was an eternally happy being that loved being alive. His glorious humanity shined through him and radiated on to the lives of each and every person that crossed paths with him.”

There was a huge round of applause and just because his name was associated with it, my book was also going to be a bestseller. But i had not written this with the profit motive. I really wanted the world to know his story. I wanted the world to learn a lesson and change their mindset about certain things. They had forgotten their ghastly deed but there is a very old proverb that the Axe forgets but the tree remembers

I remember very fondly as if it just yesterday. I saw his first book on the shelf at the local was a proud moment.It was titled “The Sedulous Girl” . My friend had become an author. Everyone i over heard were talking about his book, about his story and the twist at the end.

Sitting alone whenever i miss him his memories give me excellent company. They make me smile and laugh.. He would tell me all his stories much before they would be published.But he would narrate them to me like they were  real incidents and then see if i was convinced by his lies. He enjoyed pulling that prank on the soft-hearted and naive me who believed in everything he said. I would have believed even if it was daytime and he had called it a night.Such was his impact on me. He was my hero.

I visit the orphanage very often that he donated his earnings to. He ensured that those kids got everything they needed. He knew the name of each child, He encouraged them to visit their creative side, he encouraged them to paint, sing, dance and pick up at least one form of art

He was creating a better world. Rubbing on his zest for life on those kids. When he played with them and made them laugh. When he narrated them his stories there would be a pin drop silence. I saw those faces lost in the beauty of the story that was being narrated with such tremendous skill that they were all in a different world of fantasy.

He had some morals at the end. He taught them tolerance, humanity and spreading smiles.

He was creating helpful and charismatic humans like himself. He was spreading humanity .

15 Years and 11 Major books later. He had become a very prominent name globally. He had been very versatile and had tried every different genre at least once. His Overall personality was awe worthy. His impeccable sharp wit and rational thinking made him a star of talk shows

My thoughts then recollect that  he had a new muse that he was completely smitten by and he would even sketch her portrait and write songs for her

I had thought that he had finally fallen in love and i was expecting an epic love story in his real life. His insane fundas did not let that happen. The Wanderer that he was he could not give a commitment to her.

As soon as the muse started getting attached to the art and the artist. He set himself free.

The devastated girl had cursed him and cried her heart out. But he had been clear about his stand , he had never made any promises or commitments.

Separation with her did affect him and he wrote a few tragic love stories in her memory

As he was getting slightly older and whenever we discussed how life has been to us. we would realize that we were both in our forties and now it was time to change certain things.

He had made himself a fortune and now he wanted to write something he had never written.

He was such a Vagabond that one night a story idea stuck him and another morning he would be travelling to the place his story would be based.This time he had targeted Indian Mythology He travelled to each nook and corner of the country and collected all folk tales, mythologies and popular stories of India and compiled his own book around them

Everyday when he spoke to me from the place he visited i wrote my own version of his tales. i titled it Safarnama – The Diary of a Journey.. He told me a new story from the rich world of mythology and expressed his views on it. We discussed a lot on those lines. I still remember those enriching conversations.He had told me that he could actually feel those characters from mythology coming alive in those places.

In his book he connected the stories and showed how they affect the way we perceive things in today’s times. His central character  had time travelled to the mythological world and spoke to the epic mythological characters on rational terms. His character had tried to redefine the misshapen in Mythology.. He had removed the god element from the stories and had taken them from a layman’s point of view He left his perspective on that story open for interpretation and discussion. He left many things ambiguous and when i read the first draft i was overwhelmed by the creativity.

I told him this was going to be his masterpiece

After the launch, the book did sell like hot cakes.The Elite club of book readers and reviewers gave a fantastic review to the book. They were left in awe of the man’s style of narration and his ability to connect those stories to today’s times.

The praise was short lived.. Religious tolerance is something that no religion teaches i guess. The Moment an artist turns slightly blasphemous, the religions caretakers start taking offence


The Sight was tragic. Books were being burned and his posters wore a black face.His effigies were burnt outside his house. The talk shows had people discussing and fighting

The Religious groups waited outside his house to pelt stones at him the moment he walked out.

His life was in great threat. That night i saw him break down. I saw him disappointed. All his adulation was over. He no longer had any fan following. It was just one book that had changed the course of his literary career.This was followed by a court case for hurting religious sentiments. The Policeman that came to arrest him was a very stern believer and he made sure he humiliated him and hence he started off by slapping him and then made him walk handcuffed through the busy street till the police station.

Why is it that your faith has the power to move mountains but it cannot stand the criticism from a creative writer and he is termed as blasphemous and insulted ?

Raja Ravi Verma had been an renowned painter in the 16th century and he had faced the same ordeal . However the British courts had then decided that art will not be judged by morality and hence he was set free at that time.

I used all my expertise as a lawyer to argue and made sure he won back his respect and dignity.The Same act of law worked for my hero too. I saw that enigmatic smile on his face when we won the case. That night he slept in my lap and professed his love for me.

I was teary eyed and i wanted to go berserk and crazy. It was like a dream come true for me. But i resisted myself. His words came flowing into my mind that the moment two lovers realize that they love each other, expectations arise and love dies. He may have felt it in that moment but i did not want this artist to stop flowing for me. He was way ahead of his times and he still had a long way to go.I declined his love, i told him it was too late in the day. I told him all my feelings for him had died a natural death. It takes courage to finally get all that you want but decline it from the fear of losing it again.

On One Sunday afternoon we were returning back from a book fair and he saw a jeep stuck in a manhole. He asked his driver to stop his car and he walked towards the jeep with his charming smile and asked “ Do you need any Help ?”

He had forgotten all the rage and atrocities but they had not forgotten anything

It was the same religious group that had burned his books ,effigies and posters

But he was like a child, he never held any regrets. He recognized them but still his smile remained undeterred. His faith in humanity unshaken.. He tried to make an effort to help them push the car out from the manhole.

But they had also recognized him.

The leader of the group wasted no time. He too had a smile on his face but that smile was of triumph. He had caught him unguarded and he could satisfy his rage and hatred for him without being stopped. He wanted the world to remember this as a lesson

He shot my eternally happy hero in the head at point blank range and shouted some slogans.

The world suddenly became non existent for me. I saw him falling  flat on the floor

The Triumphant slogans continued. This was a victory for the religiously inclined but a big loss to humanity. He may have not been a very religious man but he was the best human being i had seen.I was in a state of shock keeping his blood smeared head in my lap. i keep staring at his smile.They even spit on his dead body while gathered people clicked pictures. He shrieked out loud that anyone that speaks against our gods and goddesses will face the same fate.

My Hero was an insane artist, he had just dared to think differently. Was it justified to kill a human being for just being blasphemous. i condemn such people that are so fanatic that they cannot tolerate a small point of view.He was a much better human being than most of the diabolical people who hide behind the mask of a good religious man.

I hope his story can inspire other rational thinkers. I hope his story can change the mindsets of a few fanatics. I wish they had seen that boyish charm of the childish man through his enigmatic smile. I am sure that even if god was present there at that moment he would have forgiven him for his small sin and embraced him for his other good deeds

© Jitendra Kotai

Rehguzar- The Path to Travel

Rehguzar – The Path to Travel


A Journey which leads to no specific destination.

The never ending path with innumerable twists and turns that keeps you on your toes

It Keeps you engrossed in trying to decipher what is going to happen next

The Unpredictability of this path is what makes us come alive.


We all have our own manifestations of the truth. We all live the journey based on what we have concluded either from hear-say or from our own experiences


This story is about three friends that took the road trip to a destination and how their perceptions about the biggest truth changed drastically

An Atheist is someone who has understood that there is no superhuman power that is magically governing the world from the sky. The Actions of every atheist may differ  But they view the world from a logical perspective


I, Gautam Sidhwani was the same. I never believed in anything superhuman. As a TV Reporter i had covered lots of live action. I had reached the scene of crime even before the Policeman got there.And every bleeding man and every crime story confirmed to me that this human race was not being controlled by any super power

But as the days passed i grew tired of reporting crime scenes and i decided to do something unique

My Best friend Inamul Haq was a cameran. He stood behind the camera while i stood in front of it and reported the news .He was a stern believer and a fabolous singer. We had reported many depressing bomb blasts and incidents of shootouts by some youths from across the border . His emotional vent out was singing and it gave me tremendous peace to hear his soothing voice. He Usually sang complaining to his god that what is happening to humanity and why are people killing in his name .


This time we were on a trip to a village in North India. The Saptarishis were going to be in prominence on a certain night and the Sadhus and the Religious heads of the hindu community had organized a Maha-Yagna  to held on the banks of the ganges. The Turnout was going to be gigantic . Over 30 Million devotees were going to take a dip in the ganges and be blessed by the Sadhus .

We had the Opportunity to cover this event live and get the experience of a lifetime


Our Media House must have certainly understood our boring lives and hence we were accompanied by a young Photographer named Shraddha. We boarded the same train and i could hardly keep my eyes off her. It is ridiculously rude to stare at a female colleague but somehow i felt she was enjoying the attention. I tried to strike a conversation but she responded very rudely


From what i have understood of women is that they never portray the right emotion. If they like someone they try their best to get him rid of his interest or attraction for them. The first attempt they make is by being rude to them. And if you are put off by the rudeness, they usually reply in a sweet tone as usually women are very soft-hearted

They break hearts but they want to be least offensive towards the one giving them attention. They usually get attracted to those men who give them no attention and look away from them. The Ones that are usually ill mannered, rude and Abnormal.


The Favorite pastime of Inamul Haq and me was to discuss God. We always argued about his existence.They say that when an Atheist has a conversation with a believer and it turns into a healthy argument where both sides keep their perspective.It Usually gives both lots of matter to ponder about.


As the heated discussion was on. Shraddha slowly got captivated by the quality of this debate and she was tempted to give her two cents.

But she stopped as i continued my perspective

“I Don’t like the manifestation of your god

I Don’t like the fact that my creator loves me only on this condition that i sing his praises

If i do not sing his praises he will make me burn in hell and if i sing his praises i will be rewarded”

Shraddha Quipped “ So what kind of god do you expect ?

I Replied “As an atheist for me my god is my mother

My Mother loves me unconditionally. She does not demand anything from me. Her love is pure and divine.Her love is not based on the mandate of me singing her praises and even if i criticize her ,she can never imagine to burn me in hell.

For me my god should be loving kind and forgiving.

Not someone who is so arrogant that he orders me to kill someone if they say anything against him”


Her facial expression suggested she was impressed with her lips pouting in disbelief that a pervert could be intelligent and could strike such an engaging conversation.

Inamul Haq could not stay behind , He interrupted “But if he does not set certain rules. How will we differentiate from Just and Unjust ?”

How will we decide what is Right and what is Wrong ?”


Shraddha Said “ Our Conscious , It tells us. When we are about to do something wrong, it stops us”

I Jumped from my seat to take an upper hand in the conversation

“ My Problem is not with Believers or god or its existence

.The Problem lies with Fanatics. I never thrust my atheist beliefs on others. My debates are always for Religious Tolerance

“Your faith is so strong that it can move mountains

Yet it cannot stand the criticism by an atheist and they get killed for being blasphemous”

Shraddha Nodded . Inamul Said “ Even i am against Fanaticism of any kind. But it is the wrong interpretation of certain things mentioned in the religious texts”

The debate went on and on and what had started as a repulsive behaviour from Shraddha had already turned into attraction. Her body language suggested that she had started liking me.

She complimented me for my confidence and was now sitting right next to me. She was very fidgety and clearly showed how impressed she was with me. Her eyes never made contact with me. Whenever i tried to look into her eyes she would look the other way and blush. This journey had given way for a potential love story to develop between us

The night journey was even more fabulous . While Inamul snored away to glory , we took some time out for romance. As we sat in the corner of the train discussing everything under the sun. I realized that the entire rude and bold avatar was just a pretence. She was the usual girl next door, extremely shy and very beautiful.The more she spoke about her endeavours , the more she impressed me.

I wasted no time in telling her how fascinated i was by her. Everything she did or said made me feel so awesome .Even the perfume she was wearing was mesmerizing . The fact that drew me to her was that she had no qualms about my atheism and she accepted me the way i was . She was the first female i had met who had not tried to preach me and restore my faith in the almighty.


As we reached the destination, we realized that this might just be an experience of a lifetime. As we got down at the station, everywhere we saw there was a Saffron Clad Sadhu. The Whole ambience of this place was filled with religion. It gave us the feeling that we were blessed by a certain entity just to reach here. Many had queued up and struggled for days but were not able to reach this point where they would get the instant salvation they so deserved.


I had booked two adjacent rooms in an Ashram since i wanted to get the feel of the place to write the words i would speak on National TV and then in my article which would appear on the International Platform Called the World Wide Web.

Shraddha and I had spent almost the entire night in the passage outside our adjacent rooms glaring into each other’s twinkling eyes and talking sweet nothings

I had hardly closed my eyes for a few minutes and something disrupted my sleep It was 4.00 am in the morning when a bhajan playing in the Ashram woke me up from my sleep

As i walked out of my room the voice grew louder. It was a beautiful young girl dressed in a saree singing in the Ashram’s temple and rotating the thali in her hand in a circular motion

Inamul grabbed his camera and Shraddha grabbed her Camera and they started recording the heavenly atmosphere of the place. Almost everyone was awake and they had showered and were dressed in traditional attire and were swinging their heads in similar motion to the song. The Music was melodious and the lady’s voice was enchanting. It did not look like a pretence.

When they do this in Mumbai, It somehow feels very annoying and gives no pleasure. But these people were doing it from the heart. For the first time i was amongst real believers.They had no agenda. No selfies were being taken. No one was dressed as God or Baba. It was just devotion in its purest form and it somehow impressed me


We had a breakfast at as early as 5.00 am. The same lady who had set off this auspicious day with the melodious song was Serving us Breakfast .Shraddha was slightly insecure at the way i was looking at this woman.It was not attraction here, just my curiosity. I wanted to ask her how she could be so engrossed in Godly deeds at such a tender age. Does she not get tempted when she sees young boys of her age? Does she not feel like going out with them, Watching movies, letting her hair down ?

But her face had a certain tranquility and peace. She looked completely satiated by her god and his devotion.


Time was moving at snail’s speed. When i opened the gate to take a stroll outside. I realized that it was still pitch-dark outside. We still decided to take a stroll. As we walked ahead we saw some massive monstrous statues of all kinds of gods you could imagine. The Clinging of bells came from all corners and the sound was magnificently glorious. As if the Entire set of humans who had laid feet on this immensely auspicious place were celebrating their godliness


The Three of us were walking on the highway where trucks were passing at breathtaking speeds.On either side was River Ganges..My Only fear was that if a truck could not see our hazy figures and hit us we would all achieve instant salvation by drowning in the freezing water of the Ganges and as per hindu scriptures reach Vaikunth Dham which is the most sacred place to go after death


Inamul Haq came up with an Idea. He Played a loud bhajan (A Song with God’s Praises) on his cellphone. According to him it was his survival strategy. The Passing truck would hear the bhajan and not hit us.


We cleared the Highway and reached the Location. The Preparations were on. Shraddha started capturing some divine moments on her camera. A Sadhu walked up to us and tied a silkish red thread on our hands and asked for some money. We shelled out some change and he blessed us.

Inamul Haq held his hands across his face enacting to have a camera and started choosing the angles he would shoot the scenario by. After a few minutes of Monkeying around with his hands he finally found the angle he wanted and adjusted his camera .He adjusted the lights and he started shooting me


With my back to the Sacred River i set off with my shot in style “ As i pointed out the River, Sadhus, The Ambiance . I felt proud of representing this fantastic scenario to my people who were watching this Live on their TV Sets. The Atheist in me had slightly began to believe in the magical power of a certain almighty.This place made me feel alive. Millions had gathered at the single place and this almighty whom we all had never seen had the power to gather a crowd of Millions who could sing his praises in unison.There was something magical about all this and i started admiring this awesome moment like an awestruck child. Shraddha was gaping at me with her mouth wide open getting impressed at my ability to speak and hold the show so well


As i was confidently phrasing my anecdotes. I  noticed a change in Shraddha’s emotions.Her eyes had grown wide and she was looking at something with astonishment in her eyes . I turned around to see what had transpired. It shook me to see a whole herd of petrified people running in one direction pushing each other fanatically.It sent shivers down the spine and the sudden change of events led to a whole negative vibe in the entire auspicious air. I Overheard an old man say that someone had kept a bomb in the premises of a sacred temple where the holy event was about to take place.

Shaken and stirred we tried to find a secure place as our first reaction but then we realized this was an important news.

We climbed on a temple roofs and tried to shoot the havoc. As i struggled to stand on the slope and deliver my lines, i realized how inhuman we had become. Inamul had tears in his eyes and Shraddha was constantly looking at the tragic incident unfolding itself


The Stampede grew in magnitude as maximum people were trying to run away from the place to escape death.We closed our shutterbugs and decided to help people in needed. Some people had suffered fatal deaths and some were injured very badly .Shraddha ran from pillar to post to get first Aid and other things required.

I and Inamul tried to drag injured people to safe corners and many others joined us in the process The Moment had left us all wounded. Our hearts that were admiring the beauty of the creator suddenly felt cheated and disheartened. I felt that if he had the power to bring such a big magnitude of people to a place.He should also have the power to protect them from the Mishaps.


This continued throughout the day. I hoped that the believers would certainly walk up to the temple and perform the sacred event However The Celebrity 201 Sadhus that were going to perform the Yagna did not set their foot in that place. The Bomb demolition unit made us all breathe with ease when they said that the bomb scare was just a hoax .

An Entire Tragic twelve hours had passed to get the situation somewhat in control. It was 4.00 pm in the evening now. The Loudspeakers had started blaring again with Bhajans and Praises of the almighty that sounded  irritating to me now. I had changed from an Atheist to a believer and back to being an Atheist in a span of twelve hours.


We walked up to the Ashram to collect our luggage and return back to the city where we all belonged But then we saw something that shattered us all to pieces. The Beautiful women who had started this auspicious day with her melodious voice. The One who had divinity in her eyes. The One who had made me feel inferior to her because i did not believe.The One who believed and sang praises from her heart. She lay dead on the pavement. The Mob had walked all over her. She had been a victim of the stampede and no one had even tried to move her away or save her. She had suffered some major head injuries.I sat down next to her dead body and tears flew down my cheeks. Her enchanting voice still lingered in my faded memory. The way she had referred to god as the one who is our Palanhaar.

Palanhaar is someone who protects us, raises us and takes care of us.

Who was responsible for this Tragedy ?

A Foolish man who set off the rumors just for fun or the foolish millions who flocked to a destination to be blessed.That moment made me question the very need to travel to an auspicious place to seek god

“Our scriptures say he is Omnipresent”  Shraddha replied.

“ He is everywhere, You are right . We should try to seek him within ourselves or a nearest temple” She Concluded

i was too stunned by the occurrence. It reminded me of hundreds of other such occurrences where humanity has been subjected to terror, tragedy and untimely death by the so called faith keepers and religious heads.I made it a point to make it a revolution and change a few people like Inamul and shraddha and take them out from blind faith and Hypothetical beliefs

Finally seated in the jeep that was taking us to another city .Inamul Haq started singing in his heavy voice complaining to his god that what is happening to humanity and why are people killing in his name I hope that he gets an answer soon

© Jitendra Kotai