Love is… By Jitendra Kotai

Love is …. By Jitendra Kotai

Hi Friends.
I present to you my first published e-book on Amazon Kindle…

When a long lived dream comes true. The feeling is unexplainable. The butterflies in your stomach make you hysterical.You are apprehensive and scared but at the same time you are also very enthusiastic and exuberant.

It is titled ‘Love is…. ‘51wzysn6G2L

Synopsis :
An Individual’s discovery of love through different phases of his life. He loves with all his heart but loses in love on three occasions. He discusses all the scenarios with his current fiancé.
At every stage he realizes that love is not what he thought it was. The dimensions of love change in every love story and then comes the ultimate realization. This is not just love in terms of a couple’s romance. This is love as an amalgamation of all human emotions. This is love as the core of all sensibilities and feelings.
This is the story of ‘Dev Kripalani’ and his three past affairs that he narrates to his fiancé ‘Trishna Shah’ to maintain the transparency in their relationship before they get married.


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