The Imaginarium of Desires

A Chance encounter with a Stranger where we pour out our heart to them. Is it Possible ?

It is always interesting to be judged by a stranger. We are destined to meet in this universe they say. We connect with some people. The Vibes just match almost instantly leading to a heart warming encounter

This attractive dusky damsel named Mannat had been bored in this train journey till he boarded the train.

On a terribly cold morning in north india. He had hopped on to Aravali Express from Mount Abu station

He was a spunky looking  charming man with a pleasant personality and a delightful smile

They were the only two passengers left on the first class compartment of this train.

He adjusted his jacket and loosened the scarf around his neck. From the corner of the eye he looked at her and since she was breathtakingly beautiful. He looked at her again and made eye contact and his eyes froze on her.

She had no clue about who he was. She did not know why he seemed so trustworthy and reliable that she would eventually make him her confidante

Some Chance encounters turn out to be enriching . He had taken the initiative by constantly staring in her direction.

Usually men staring at women are considered perverts but he had a certain genuineness in his eyes. She felt drawn towards the essence of humanity in him. He came across as a nice and humble fellow

He Introduced himself as Aarav Khanna and started the conversation . He spoke about himself , his beliefs and what was his journey all about and inquired about her journey.

My Journey from a nobody in a small town in Rajasthan to being a celebrated writer today has been a fascinating one” “ Initially I faced criticism and discouragement from almost everyone including my own father who believed that creative hobbies were only meant for leisure whereas for success in life we needed to study well academically and have safe and secure jobs”

I defied all norms. I ran away from my village and started doing odd jobs in mumbai. I started off with small write ups in Men’s magazines to editing articles of celebrated writers”

Finally when I saved enough for the marketing . I Launched my first novel which unexpectedly became a bestselling novel that year “ After that there has been no looking back”he announced proudly

He sincerely told her that he had been drawn towards her eyes. The Eyes of a strong woman that hid all the tragic stories of the past and only reflected infinite beauty. He was an artist and he found impeccable artistic appeal in her face

Starting from her Sun-kissed glowing luminescent skin to her luscious lips and radiant rosy cheeks she was a picture of perfection. Her smile had the magnitude to make the world sigh in contentment

But there was a certain sadness or distress that she was hiding behind those confident. eyes. There was a soft mellow girl who dreams about fairy tales hidden somewhere beneath this hard shelled lioness who could roar and scare the daylights out of a perpetual assailant ,

Woman have this ability to endure and tolerate tremendous pain. That is why i consider females as the far more superior sex .” he said.

She finally Spoke about her Imaginarium of Desires which had once crashed and left her reeling under deep sorrow from which she emerged victorious and glorious

She Said “When we lose someone we loved the most We Lose a part of ourselves we can never get back”

After a pause she continued “The World has become too casual these days. Heartbreaks are not considered so lethal these days People are too practical and its too easy for them to let go”

He retorted by giving his explanations

” These Self help books selling positivism are selling too much fakeness You cannot feel positive when you are down and out. You should feel what is right to feel, right at that moment”

She looked out of the window and shared a deep philosophy “Depression is a very commonly used word , but not many really know what it feels to be depressed It is like not having any excitement about anything. It is like just existing and not living at all. It is like losing all hope in life and humanity ” she said with moist eyes 

She remembered the man who had once been everything for her. The one she genuinely cared about. He was the one for her. His smile , His Expressions and everything about him was so unique. She had fallen for him to the level of Insanity

“His Name was Kabir. He was 6ft tall . He looked like a Greek God with his innocent handsome face and chiseled body to die for. He never felt attached to anyone. He was a self proclaimed genius who lived his life only for himself. His life conspired of things he needed . Other people in his life were mere objects of his entertainment. Whenever he felt the need of being around them or he needed them for a certain thing he went to them. When they needed him, he analyzed his situation , his gains and what was profitable for him at that moment

“No one could ever have him for themselves. This unattainability was what made her attached to him. When we are young we like to chase our dreams and earn them. She was pumped up to tame this beautiful wild unicorn and make him her life partner. Little did she know what she was getting into. Kabir has no respect for the people who cared about him. According to him they were extremely lucky to have him. He loved to boast about his female fan following. He loved showing his friends the kind of adulation these girls had for him”

He was a compulsive liar who was obsessed with flirting. The biggest of womanizers can manage effective two timing and fool two girls at one time. But Kabir was a pro. He could manage Six and sometimes more than six targets”

“Well Yes. Targets was what he called them. Only the chase excited him. Till he achieved the trust and the fondness of the girl he would play to the best of his ability to get her. And Once she gave in to his whims and fancies , he would lose interest and start looking for his next target.”

“If he had done that to me it would have been much better.” said Mannat, “But with me he had a different equation. He had decided to use me as his stand by. He wanted someone to fit in when he had those vacant periods between finding his new targets. I had turned into his victim. He was spread all over me like a disease. And my only fault was that I believed in him. I trusted him to somewhere feel for me the same way and value me for being the only stable factor in his reckless life.”

“ He had these terrible violent outbursts. There was a glimpse of a wild unleashed animal who could do anything for its instinct “ His lies did not make sense. He had been convinced that now I had become used to his ways and he did not need to provide me any explanations for his womanizing ways”

“ Everytime I decided to end this agony. He somehow convinced me to stay. The only thing that worked in his favour was that I did not have any proof and neither had I seen him cheat with my own eyes” But then the occasion came”

She looked at him and he continued to gape in excitement of knowing how it unfolded

“Confronting your fears is a huge step. All this while I had suspected that he was a cheater. But today I was going to confront him. I was sure that he would be devastated when I do that, but I thought about myself. I would be shattered . If all that I had heard was true, I would be shattered and it would be really difficult for me to collect the shattered pieces of myself and rejuvenate myself again”

“But I fought with my inner voices that told me to ignore what the world said. I had stepped out at midnight to confront the man of my dreams” I stood there waiting for him to enter his house and then I waited for her to come in. A Naive girl who had just entered her teens. I felt the urge to protect her from this evil man and his desires”

As she entered his house. With great difficulty I managed to convince myself to wait a bit longer. My conscious still kept telling me that they would be not be doing anything objectionable in there. They might be just pals meeting for a cup of coffee or something

An array of positive and negative thoughts fought within me

What if they are not doing anything ? I will lose him from my life

What if I find them in a compromising position? I will still lose him from my life

A Part of me still did not want to lose him. A part of me was still attached to him. However I did manage to ring the doorbell with shaking hands

A Paused for a moment. Knowing how keen Aarav was to know what happened next

He opened the door only wearing his boxers and the teenage girl tried her best to hide as much as she could behind those bedsheets.

Tears rolled down uncontrollably. I shivered as I spoke . As he opened his mouth to convince me again with a new lie. I slapped him across his face.

The Part of me that was attached to him suddenly died. That part of me which was him. That part of me that still loved him to the levels of insanity was no more.

The Sound of the slap was thunderous and it killed all emotions, sentiments, feelings and love that was ever attributed to that man. But I felt good. I was no longer living as a victim. I had emerged victorious.

I walked out of that place breathing with a new confidence and looking forward to my life. My life with genuine people in my life. My family, my siblings, my friends . I had neglected all of them all along for this man. This man who understood my value. This man who pushed me to the limits. This man who will never forget the thunderous sound of this slap”

Aarav was overjoyed. He felt inspired by this story. He wanted to write about her, About this Lioness who had roared and conquered

“ What about Your Story ? I Somehow feel even you have a story to tell me .” She said

He reluctantly spoke “ I was a struggling writer and she was the daughter of a rich merchant. We were madly in love but things could have only worked out if I had taken up a job and followed another career”. But right since childhood the only thing I knew was writing stories. I was confident of my talent and I needed time to prove it to the world “

“ But, Time was something we did not have. There was tremendous pressure on her to get married. NRI Matches were being fixed for her. Her prospective grooms were inadvertently perfect in all departments. Good Looking, earning well and picture perfect. Leaving no room for her to reject them. That night she proposed that we should elope. I really wanted to dissuade her but I did not want to break her heart by saying no.”

“ She had eloped from her house that night but I did not go. She spent the entire night on the platform waiting for me to come so that we could board a train and elope. “

“ I did not find the courage to go. I kept pushing myself all night but I just did not have enough mettle in me at that stage”

“Next morning her dad and her relatives started looking for her everywhere. I was beaten up by her brothers to find out if I knew her whereabouts “ Eventually out of fear of being killed by her dad and brothers even I eloped from my village.”

“I kept trying to find her for many years. Today after 8 long years I have finally found her. She runs an NGO where she helps poor girls who have become the victims of Human trafficking. “

“ I am on my way to meet her. I want to ask for her apology. Give her my explanations and then propose her for marriage” Wish Me Luck

They shook hands as the train halted .

“Will we meet again in this Journey called Life “ She asked

“Life is too short and it is drifting away as we speak, I would love to have you as a friend forever . You Bring a lot of positive energy into my being. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story “i would love to tell it to the world and inspire many more women who are oppressed and still living under the conflict of whether or not to confront their abuser”

Her perception of Aarav had been wrong. Maybe she still needed to learn to judge people. He was a very genuine kind hearted person and all he wanted to do was have a conversation in this long boring journey and make it more exciting and inspiring.

“Sure, Thanks for being my friend and I really wish with all my heart that you find her and may you both live happily ever after “ She Concluded

© Jitendra Kotai


7 thoughts on “The Imaginarium of Desires

  1. Nice simple n honest got a smile on my face when end turned into reality of splitting up for good n not falling in for each other like usual stories

  2. every one in life had its own story but we all are eager to know others story. this story is very simple and honest one. one thing we can learn from this story is never allow somebody to make fool of yours and dont believe anyone very quickly. lovely ending.

  3. After a week …Aarav was taken aback to see mannat at d train station she looked like sunshine in d cheery yellow salwar suit

    She walked up to him “i shared my secret …my story wid u …do u knw y…Becos I felt dis…dis connect wid u …I don’t hv words to explain dis attraction and emotional connect I feel for u …after kabir I felt dat every man looks at me wid lust so I was battling to understand ur feelings towards ……I wanted to meet u and thank u agin …so I called d NGO and dey told me der is no girl by that name and description …I was shocked …u r a writer n u md dat whole story up …Becos u wanted me to belive in love and life …she married long back …didn’t she ?…u created dis perfect ending juz for me ..u care for me dat much …

    Aarav ” so let us both write a beautiful love story together

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