The Recurring dream



Anmol had woken up with a Loud petrified shriek in the middle of a lonesome quiet night. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his palms and looked in all directions to ensure he was alone.He sipped some water and looked out of the window. Still unsure of what he had seen.

His destiny was playing games with him. He had falsely claimed to have a supernatural ability. to cure recurring dreams. He had accidentally cured the recurring dreams of many people by giving them the only thing that actually works, A Positive Hope.

We humans have a tendency of believing in miracles. Things automatically fall into place on most occasions but we associate some miracle to it. Like a Tuesday where we prayed and god heard our prayer.. Or blame a Thursday where we ate meat and a unforeseen distasteful bad omen occurred.

Anmol poured a strong cup of coffee in his mug in an attempt to stay awake. It was the fifth working day and he was struggling to keep his eyes open in his office . Sleep had not alluded him but he had desperately attempted not to sleep to avoid the horrific dream, The Healer was unable to find a solution for to heal himself of his nightmare.

Just as he was about to call it a day. She entered the room. Her vibes gave the room a certain enthusiastic revival. Her fragrance glorified the positivism of the  room. The Curly haired dusky young woman then sat down and revealed her problem to Anmol. 

Her recurring dream sounded so similar. The only thing uncommon was the starting point of the dream, but dreams usually start in the middle of nowhere. They never have a beginning or an end. They are abrupt. .

His eyes widened in exasperation. This had stretched his levels of his imagination and thinking ability. How Could an Unknown woman see the same recurring dream , The Exact same dream he had been petrified of ?

She had given every minute detail of this dream, . A Red coat which belongs to a girl who has barely out of her teens.. She hands over the coat to her and then runs, this girl has a very unusual way of running, she glides through the path, her running is breathtakingly fast. She reaches the top of cliff , panting for breath, turns around and laughs viciously. Her laughter has insanity and its loud and profound. as soon as she finishes laughing, the expression on her face changes. She turns extremely sad. and without saying a word..she jumps of the cliff.

Anmol sat gazing at the curly haired woman lost in the intense recollection of his own dream which has more gory things in it. In his dream the same red coat is soaked in blood. The girl who sits crying inconsolably holds anmol responsible for her death, runs in the same eerie way and jumps off from the cliff..

The common factors were a girl, red coat, the cliff and the eerie running jump to death

Was it the same girl they both had been dreaming about. Was it some kind of sign ?

The Curly haired woman was Madhu, by profession she was a history teacher and she had never believed in anything supernatural until one day she saw this girl from her dreams .

“She was crossing the street and looked alive, she even blinked at me “ recalled a horrified madhu who had seen the same girl on the Ambedkar street a few days ago .This caused a great deal of agony to Anmol as even he expected to see her any moment

However Being brave he walked up to the street where madhuri had a glimpse of her.As he strolled across the street he started reliving the moments of his dream. He realized that he may have seen a prospective future which may occur and he had seen it in advance since he may have gained the ability of foresight somehow.

Just as he was thinking this, he saw the girl in the red coat furiously push a man as she rushed across on the opposite side of the road.

Without caring about zooming cars and red lights , he rocketed across the street and started following her. Her speed was untouchable, she swayed her hands and ran with intensity. He could barely come close to her , She was wiping her tears while continuing to fiercely race away. As she reached the cliff and stood there.. He shouted in agony for her to stop ” Naina” His voice echoed everywhere.. She looked behind and tilted her head. He stood there with his hands folded, pleading her not to jump and she stopped.

Surprised she walked back towards him . He had called her by her first name. How had he known it ? 

What was that supernatural power he possessed ? Had he gained the ability to see a glimpse from a future untoward incident and stop it.

As he sipped coffee in her house , she inquired with him in sheer amazement about how he had reached that place, how was he aware that she was going to jump off that cliff and commit suicide. 

He narrated the entire dream to her that he had been seeing since a few days, he had a deja-vu feeling when he reached the market place and he recollected every small landmark from his dream 

” But how did u know my name” Naina questioned

Anmol was as astonished as she was.. How had she shouted the name of this unknown girl ? He clearly remembered that there was no indication of her name in the dream. 

What made you think of ending your life ? He asked

I am very lonely, stressed and currently going through a very bad phase in my life , I have no job and my unpaid bills are piling up. The Credit collection agencies are calling me everyday and using filthy abusive language” I am tired of ensuring them I will pay soon.i might soon be falling into a debt trap and i found no other solution”

He consoled her and ensured her that he will help her come out of this situation “ I am there as a friend whenever you need me , just give me a call , Ok “ he said, as he strolled around in the house still pondering on How he knew her name ,when suddenly he saw the picture of Madhuri, the curly haired beautiful woman who had come to visit him. 

Her picture was put in the centre of the room and it was garlanded with beautiful yellow  fragrant flowers. As he continued to gaze at the picture, Naina uttered ” That is my mother’s picture. She passed away when i was nine years old” 

That revelation shook Anmol completely. Naina continued ” Right since childhood, i have been telling her photo about all my problems, i have always cried my heart out and complained about my life , my circumstances. i always feel her presence around me”

Anmol said with tears in his eyes ” She is always around you, maybe even now.. She is the one who told me about you. She approached me.. She was the one who implanted your name in my conscious. Naina helped me connect with you and save you”

Naina was overwhelmed , She felt extremely bad about taking that decision. She decided to fight with her situation and take things positively and emerge a winner and make her mother proud.

“Never attempt to take your life again ” Anmol said as he saw Madhu ‘s spirit appear in the mirror opposite him, with her hands folded and watery eyes, she gestured a heart felt thank you to him 

He walked out of the house with his heart filled with gratitude and happiness. He had a great  responsibility on his shoulders now and an ability to see the glimpse of a future he could change.



7 thoughts on “The Recurring dream

  1. An unusual story plot, very beautifully put in, towards the end i actually got goose bumps . awesome imagination and picked words to really connect.

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