In Bhangarh, Rajasthan An Awe inspiring monument from history had been converted into a five star hotel.,It was still called Bhavya Mahal known for its grandiose. The Rooms were extravagantly magnificent with every corner filled with antiques and imperious treasures from history,

Tonight it was lit up with resplendent decorations to mark the celebration of Abhinav Chaturvedi , a well known celebrity who had decided to launch his new music album. He was the most renown singer of today’s times with his rich melodious voice and fantastic knowledge of Indian Classical Music. 

His persona shined radiantly in his rich black suit , He was an extremely handsome man with thick black hair and strikingly enchanting features. 

At a distance Mahie Shah stood with her arms entangled in the arms of her husband Vineet Shah. Abhinav had a certain magnetic quality she thought , she felt like running towards him and seeking his attention somehow, Somehow make him look at her, she was sure this was something beyond explanation. She knew that if he turned in her direction she might probably lose her sense of calm and flow towards him mesmerized by his charm, his innocence and a certain divine connection which had prevailed between them probably since many ages, since many decades, since they had known each other,

Her thoughts were interrupted by her husband’s finger snapping. Her husband Vineet Shah was a moderately successful script writer who dreamed of becoming a Film Director someday. The Singing sensation Abhinav was soon planning to launch himself as an actor and Vineet had written a script just for him. Vineet wanted the big break in bollywood through this film. He wanted to direct Abhinav’s acting debut,

A Big Grand Piano stood at the centre of the room and Abhinav graced it with his fingers softly ..The Music enchanted the couples who started dancing slowly in other’s arms. Abhinav took a deep breath and threw his voice in a high pitch towards the skies starting his aalap to begin a spellbinding song. 

Mahie had been unable to resist the temptation to get attracted to Abhinav. Hence she walked away and walked alone in the Grand mansion, walking through the corridors, the rooms, the lavish decors and finally reached the Queen’s Room.

It somehow seemed familiar as if she had walked into this room umpteen times. She noticed the light in the room getting dim and then the entire ambiance changed. The room smelt of a beautiful fragrance and the mesmerizing voice of Abhinav could be heard in the background singing the same song but it sounded different as if he was singing it in another era.

Her skin felt different and then glanced at the mirror. She looked transformed. She was wearing the Queen’s attire completely decked up in jewellery. She was an epitome of pride, beauty and royalty in that image in the mirror.

As she walked back everything looked transformed as if she had time traveled to another age. 

The Grand room where the piano had been had also changed its appearance completely. The King was seated on the throne and the rest of his darbaris seated around in the room . On the floor a young man played the harmonium and sang the beautiful romantic tune. As she stepped closer, the young man bowed down and offered his salaam (greetings) . she saw the young man had Abhinav’s face and his salaam was offered with a glint of mischief in his eyes. 

She was suddenly jolted back to reality by Vineet tapping on her shoulder. She was seated on the Queen’s dressing table lost in her world.

Loud Claps concluded the song with Abhinav softly murmuring the last few lines again and smiling.

Abhinav was looking at some exotic antiques in the King’s chamber when vineet slowly walked in with his script in his hand. An unsure Mahie walked behind vineet,hoping that Abhinav would ignore her.Her mind was constantly telling her not to let herself have eye contact with him. As she looked down and closed her eyes she could imagine his salaam with a mischievous glint in his eyes from a different era. Then Vineet introduced her and time stood still, their eyes met 

She could feel the energy from her body drain out as she was stared at him nonchalantly , She hoped that she could keep looking at him forever and never have to turn her eyes away from him. But then she sensed that vineet was growing uneasy sensing the strong attraction she felt towards this unknown man.

They discussed the script and she decided to take another stroll in this grand mansion. As she walked towards the other rooms, A guide started to tell her that the King VeerBhadra lived in this palace along with his 27 Queens. But the most famous queen was Chitralekha. This name made her ecstatic, as if it had belonged to her in a different age, in a different era.

“Why was Chitralekha Famous” She inquired

The Guide replied ” She was extremely beautiful, one of the most beautiful woman to have ever lived” ” There is a story behind her death ” “The King had won her in war, she was one of the princesses of the Alinkana Kingdom” ” He had married her and loved her until he became fascinated with another Royal Dynasty, waged a war, killed the men and won more women”

“The Count of his queens increased as days progressed and Chitralekha was now a forgotten damsel. She dressed up beautifully to impress the king, but he was always occupied with his hunting, Darbars and other events”

“This led the queen to be fascinated by the Royal Artisan- — A Singer, Musician, Performer named Rehmuddin “

The Story was true . Mahie remembered very clearly now, Hundreds of years ago she had been Chitralekha who had loved Rehmuddin to the levels of insanity. The beautiful memories of the passionate times they spent together in her chamber flashed across her eyes , they were fresh hidden somewhere in the dark dungeons of her memory till he had come along and swept her off her feet once again. Her walk was more confident now, she was no longer unsure of the magnetic appeal she felt towards Abhinav. He was Once Rehmuddin, who wrote poetry and sang it to her every night when the king was away.

She was the inspiration behind every song he wrote. She inspired him to sing beautifully.His eyes searched for her when he sat down perched on his harmonium trying to find the correct notes but he could only hit the right notes when his eyes saw her or when he smelt her fragrance.

He was a mesmerizing narrator. The Queen would get lost in his sweet voice when he would narrate her routine irrelevant events of his Ordinary life. They sounded more fascinating than the King’s War Tales.

She clearly remembered now that one such beautiful full moon light, he was reading to her a poetry he had written about her eyes, and she heard the footsteps of the King walking towards her chamber. She immediately hid him behind the curtains but unfortunately The King had decided to spend the night in her chamber. As the King started touching her neck with his fingers, Rehmuddin jumped out of the window unable to see his love with another being.

The Guards who stood outside had seen Rehmuddin jump from the window.It was a heinous crime to witness the private moments of the Royal family and hence the miserable event unfolded

Tied in Chains he stood there waiting for his fate to be decided. The King had an enraged expression which meant that no mercy could be availed.

VeerBhadra finally said “ I want to have your throat slit but I will let the Queen Decide, You had invaded her privacy, I Just happened to be there”

ChitraLekha demanded to know in her stern voice and Royal demeanor “ Who is This Man “

Her servant informed her in her ear about Rehmuddin and his Shameful act of trying to peep through her window

Chitralekha said “ May he be Punished in the way The Mighty King wants, His act is unforgivable “

As he was dragged away , She kept staring at him , her life was being snatched away from her and there was nothing she could do. She choked with emotion, unable to show her sadness kept looking at him till he was gone.

His eyes were filled with tears and only kept hoping she would change her decision and allow their love to survive.

But it was her reputation as the Queen of that state that was at stake, she might not be able to face the society and would lose respect , She also feared the king’s reaction. Being the righteous woman was far more important for her than her love.

But times had changed, she ran with excitement. She wanted to announce to the world that she had once loved rehmuddin. She wanted to be reunited with him now and relive those times again hundreds of years later. She opened the door with enthusiasm and looked inside. 

They were both there VeerBhadra and Rehmuddin seated opposite each other in the form of Vineet and Abhinav.

Vineet was totally unaware . He had forgotten the past as if his role in the story was over. It was now left between Chitralekha and Rehmuddin.

She said “ Do You Remember Everything , Like I Do”

Abhinav sounded a bit surprised. He said “ Is Everything Ok ? Mrs Shah “

She sounded hyper , possibly angered at him for not remembering. “ This palace has our memories. I was Queen Chitralekha, You were Rehmuddin, the singer and He was King Veerbhadra “

Abhinav Said “ Wow, Mr Shah. Your wife uses a nice way of narrating a script. Or is she giving an acting ‘audition”

She grabbed the collars of his suit,and shouted frantically hitting his chest hard with both her hands  “Dont you remember me, Our Love. Our Passion. Where has it gone?”

“You remember how you used to fiddle with my hair and read me poetry all night. Do you remember those beautiful songs you wrote inspired by my beauty. I am Chitralekha your soulmate”

She was sounding insane. The guards had been called in. Vineet was trying to pacify her and pull her away from Abhinav. The moment in time stopped. She looked into his eyes. He still smiled with the same mischievous glint , his eyes looked the same  filled with the same innocence, She felt disowned, completely ruined and devastated.

But maybe now it was his turn to look away. It was his turn to disown her. It was his turn to humiliate her as the last thing he wanted before his film’s release was tabloids talking about his affair with a married woman who claims to be loving him since hundreds of years

He ensured that there was no press coverage for these seemingly supernatural events

she had allowed him to die giving him less pain in the bargain but he had chosen to let her live in the pain of unrequited love each day in an mental asylum  She still hoped they would meet in some other journey in another era where their lives would not be governed by the rules of a society.Like Rumi had famously said ” Beyond the boundaries of right and Wrong, There is a field , I’ll meet you there ” Some place in time where they both will remember each other, their love and relive those beautiful times again.


8 thoughts on “BhavyaMahal

  1. Very well written. I wonder if this ever happens as per our hindu religion reincarnation n u actually remember ur past life would it be painful or rejoicing to know.

  2. D ending acc to me shud be

    Dis is wat she thinks he’s gonna do but as she enters d room Vineet is holding two papers one is d contract for a new film and d other divorce papers both of which he has signed

    She looks at Abhinav and he tells her “last time u md d wrong choice and it killed me …but after that I saw u die eveyday in regret …of not having listened to ur heart…I love u and will even change dat destiny which tried to separate us …

    choking wid emotion she looked up at him wid tears in her eyes

    He said I hv waited a long time for dis moment and took her in his loving embrace

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