The Devastator

The Devastator

I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to a stop. I could not see this end. There will so much bloodshed. All humans will face their karma. The destroyer as they call them would end the world as Kalyuga has taken over. He will end this reign of evil.

I am fondly referred to as ‘Narad Muni’. I am extremely diplomatic and I think from both perspectives. But I am extremely loyal and hence I stay biased to my master ‘Lord Vishnu’

I have never questioned the decisions of the Lord. I usually play the mediator between the Evil and the Good .But this was the final stage of the battle between the two sects of the human society.

I was present in human form and I had to again play mediator but deceive the demons into losing the final battle. The Lord worked in mysterious ways and I was not sure about the reason he chose manipulation to win these battles.

My name in this form was Manav. Although I was not a human in anyway; I represented the human race in a time where humanity was in shackles.

The Apocalypse had begun and the Lord had taken the final Avatar to destroy all evil forces. As I was pretending to be on both sides; I was aware of the plans of the Evil too.

Ravana had created an entourage of all defeated in previous battles. He was the one with the intelligence of ten pandits and hence he was the planner of the assassination.

He came with name Ambareesh Ranatunga and he was a trader that had migrated from Sri Lanka to Chennai, India to set up his factory of garments.

He had befriended another rich business tycoon named Yogesh Mathur who would soon be contesting elections to become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. As I looked into his eyes; I realized that he was Kansa.

They were also being supported by someone named Arjun Mathur who was born as the younger brother of Yogesh Mathur. He was duryodhan who was born with another name but he chose to be called Arjun by everyone who met him.

He was the media baron who ruled Mumbai and filtered all news to report only news that humans should see; so that they lose all hope in humanity.

The Lord was born with the name ‘Mayur’. He was a honest journalist. He covered the crime beat in the most popular newspaper. He was brave and sincere. He was still not aware in this human form that he was the Kalki Avatar. There was a protective shield by Brahma that watched over the lord. His mother Mayraa and his wife Padmini were aware of his mood swings. They had seen him in rage; It was the most furious form of rage that could ever exist. As soon as he would flare his nostrils and grind his teeth; he transformed into something else. He looked menacing with bloodshot red eyes and the only person who could control his rage was padmini.

His best friend and colleague Devdutt accompanied him wherever he went. He would usually drive the car and drop him off. Devdutt was obsessed with White. He would usually wear white clothes with white shoes and he looked extremely handsome. He could carry it off in style. It did not take me much time to realize that Devdutt was the metaphor for the white horse mentioned in the Holy books. He was the Vahaan that liked everything white hence his car too was sparkling clean and white.

I realized that the day had come. The news channels were flashing news about a man that claimed to be GOD. His name was Baba Bhairavnath.  When his face flashed on my television screen I realized that he was Kali.

The Kalki Purana states that

Kali is always seen to be holding his genitals in his left hand. His complexion is very black, like black ointment that has been mixed with oil

Kali’s abdomen is like that of a crow, his face is frightening to behold, and his tongue is red and appears to be full of greed. His appearance is very fearful and a bad smell emanates from his body. Kali is very fond of playing chess, drinking wine, enjoying the company of prostitutes, and associating with gold merchants.

The Above description fit this man perfectly. He indeed claimed to have superpowers and he was famous for misbehaving with women. He had raped many women followers but since he had the support of the Chief Minister of the state he continued creating havoc.

An RTI Activist named Ratan had explored the truth behind many mishappenings in Baba’s Ashram. As Ratan walked with the file towards my lord; I realized that this will lead to my worst nightmare. I wanted to delay that so that humankind would introspect and find my lord within themselves. I wanted them to start being human so that they could be saved from this punishment.

But now it was too late. I saw rage in my lord’s eyes as he went through the proofs.

Baba had already committed all the heinous crimes predicted in the Kalki Purana.

This was the time for him to repent. He had to be given the capital punishment and he was going to be slaughtered in broad daylight by my Lord.

As mentioned in Kalki Purana; the pretentious saint had impregnated his own sister and tortured her for many years.  She had finally mustered the courage to speak up against him. She knew all about all his crimes and she had been collecting all the evidence while staying in his ashram as a slave.

Ratan was the weapon. The Lord would kill Kali with a weapon named Ratan as per the Kalki Purana. Before that could happen; the lord had to be made aware of his greatness. He had to be enlightened in this human form.

There was a group of people protecting him. There was a group of people out to destroy him. And he was totally unaware of all this.

I decided to talk to my lord. When I reached his office; I had gone with a bag of currency notes. It was handed over to me by Ambareesh Ranatunga and his entourage to stop my lord from unmasking their Baba Bairavnath.

Ratan and Devdutt were present in the office. As I walked in and smiled they recognized me.

Devdutt : (Introducing me) : Mr.Manav Goel, he is the man about town. Everyone in this city of Mumbai knows him. He knows all the celebrities and big business tycoons. He is usually the mediator in all big business deals.

Mayur : So what brings you here

Those words from my Lord sent me into a trance. I wanted to say ‘Narayan’ ‘Narayan’ and sing praises of my Lord. But it would make it very obvious.

Devdutt looked at me expecting me to give up my humanly form at any time and fall at my beloved Lord’s feet.

But instead I chose to play the role I was in. My Lord had written it that way and it had to be performed in that way.

Manav Goel (handing over the bag of cash to devdutt): Let us take a selfie to ensure that the news stays buried. This is five crores.

Mayur :(( snatching the bag from me in rage): We will take the money but we will still expose your Baba. This money is to prevent any further damages as I am sure your baba will soon be acquitted of all charges.

My Lord had outwitted everyone. I realized that he was aware of who he was. I had tears in my eyes when he acknowledged my desire of calling out his name and sing his praises. I cried and shouted ‘Narayan , Narayan’

Every news channel played the story of a Baba that had raped his own sister and tortured her for decades.

There was no one to filter the news since Media Baron Arjun Mathur was found dead on the escalator leading to his office lobby. His tie had gotten stuck in the escalator as he bent down to pick the name card of my Lord that had slipped from his hand.

Business tycoon and Politician Yogesh Mathur suffered the same fate when he faced my Lord and fell off from the Stage during his political rally. My Lord killed him just by looking into his eyes and his death was officially recorded as an accident.

Businessman Ambareesh Ranatunga stood in support of Baba Bairavnath. His supporters burned the town when Baba was arrested. Law and Order could not do much when Baba’s followers turned to streets and burned down shops, busses and Cars. Hundreds of people died on that day.

And then I saw the inevitable.  My Lord had come to the realization of who he has

He had come into his original form and a select few people could he see him that way. I was one of the lucky ones. He did not need to do much. Typhoons and thunderstorms stuck the country. He walked towards the two remaining offenders. They had already surrendered to their fate.

His touch could lead to death. He just had to unleash the destroyer in him.


The Devastator was in his full glory and this was the new beginning

© Author : Jitendra Kotai



Love is… By Jitendra Kotai

Love is …. By Jitendra Kotai

Hi Friends.
I present to you my first published e-book on Amazon Kindle…

When a long lived dream comes true. The feeling is unexplainable. The butterflies in your stomach make you hysterical.You are apprehensive and scared but at the same time you are also very enthusiastic and exuberant.

It is titled ‘Love is…. ‘51wzysn6G2L

Synopsis :
An Individual’s discovery of love through different phases of his life. He loves with all his heart but loses in love on three occasions. He discusses all the scenarios with his current fiancé.
At every stage he realizes that love is not what he thought it was. The dimensions of love change in every love story and then comes the ultimate realization. This is not just love in terms of a couple’s romance. This is love as an amalgamation of all human emotions. This is love as the core of all sensibilities and feelings.
This is the story of ‘Dev Kripalani’ and his three past affairs that he narrates to his fiancé ‘Trishna Shah’ to maintain the transparency in their relationship before they get married.

Mrigtrishna-The Mirage 

                Mrigtrishna-The Mirage 

:“Do you know what is extremely dissapointing? “

“Realizing that everything you ever believed in was utter nonsense”

Amar Bhatnagar was talking to a group of admirers

This was a private coaching centre of science primarily focussing on the study of Cryonics based in Pune.

Cryonics is a science that is regarded with skepticism in the mainstream scientific community

It is the low temperature preservation of people that cannot be sustained by Contemporary medicine with the hope that the restoration of health may be possible in the far future.

The clinically dead people are frozen at temperatures below -196 degrees celsius

This is usually done when a patient is declared legally dead

Niharika was taking keen interest in the topic of research.

Amar Bhatnagar had his own theories and he used scientific metaphors for his own self proclaimed discoveries. Some students believed him in blind faith whereas some questioned his levels of sanity.

“Is it possible to be alive forever ??” he inquired to a very receptive audience

“Immortality has always been fascinating. Fiction has many tales of people who are immortal.But Is it possible to be ageless and alive forever.” He smiled as he said this.

“. If we look at Indian Mythology it has characters that have won over death. It has certain gods and demi-gods who have the boon to be ageless and alive. “

“There are a lot of fictional characters that continue to live on forever like Dorian Gray. He sells his soul to the devil and his life -like painting ages but he does not. “

Seated on the first bench. She always fiddled with her hair when he saw her. She never looked away when he looked lustfully at her.Holding her pen in her mouth and giving an obvious indication of being fascinated by him, Niharika kept staring at the handsome professor

“The Great Epic Ramayana boasts of a Sanjeevani Booti that brings dead people back to life. Is it possible that there could be something like that.

Can humans be immortal ?

A question that has been troubling many people all over the world.”

“Immortality is like a mirage in the desert. It looks like water from a distance but it is actually sand.It is just an image of water due the reflection of the will never quench your thirst “he concluded 

The students applauded and he smiled with confidence at fooling them all and luring them into his mad world.



A Few Kilometers away in another city named Mumbai, a girl of a similar age had been killed. The sight was unnatural. No evidence could be found.

Inspector Shahid khan gaped into oblivion.He was a tough cop but he had a very sensitive side to him. He had swollen eyes since he had been drinking a lot recently. He could no longer handle seeing dead bodies and determining the reason behind ghastly murders.

The Crime scene had been doctored and cleaned with finesse. The last person this lady was seen with was her boyfriend..

“ They had been madly in love” said the neighbour

“ I had seen them so often, completely lost in each other” They never realized anybody else’s presence.” She had a tear drop from her eye. Then suddenly she recollected something

“ The Man was from another city in the North, he had recently moved to Mumbai”

“Were they Married ?” Inquired Khan while inspecting something on the wall

“ No, they were just living together. They were going to get married soon” she recollected

The girl had been killed in a very unique way. She had been frozen to her death. The room was full of syringes but fingerprints had been carefully wiped off.

Inspector Shahid Khan then seized the laptop he found in the house. At night while alone in his police station on another sleepless night  he started running a software that brings back all erased data onto the laptop.

He got into a contained various pictures of dead bodies that had been dug from graves. There were videos of experiments made on this dead bodies. Someone was out there who had started believing that he could resurrect dead people.

They chanced upon some more evidence. Another girl killed in another city. She was also killed in a very similar way. There was a formula and some scientific calculations written in a document that explained the whole experiment. The Resurrection process also involved chanting of some mantras and a herb that had been brought especially from a mountain. Our saviour had named it Sanjeevani Booti  The Man conducting these experiments was named Dr Amar Bhatnagar in the tapes. He spoke very loudly and in an extremely narcissistic way talked only about himself and his experiments.

Findings in the case revealed

There was a huge freezer that had been bought specifically for these expirements . It was not seen on the crime scene.This freezer had been bought by the girl killed and she had willingly participated in this mad experiment after having consumated her love with the killer.

Further findings revealed that this name was bogus and the degree used was bogus too. The Horrific revelation was that the person conducting these experiments was not qualified to be out in the medical world and conducting such a horrendous research




Meanwhile in Pune 

Niharika and Professor Amar Bhatnagar usually worked alone in his laboratory. She loved his passion towards the subject. The flair with which he spoke was intoxicating.

She had taken loans to fund his laboratory and the entire experiment.

He had lured her to giving herself up for experimentation. The experiment was simple. She had to die. After her death Dr Bhatnagar would revive her with his newly learnt science of waking the dead. Niharika had another wish too. Her death wish was the professor. She wanted to make passionate love to him before he killed her. She wanted to die in his arms and she had the unbroken faith that he could resurrect her.

She was totally in awe of him. She believed every word he uttered from his mouth.The experiment he was going to conduct was not Cryonics. This was an experiment to test immortality

He fiddled with the hair on her face and said “ There are two ways of achieving immortality”

The first way is to die and rely on your experienced mentor to bring you back.The Second way is to gain the supernatural powers yourself to awaken from the dead “

He fulfilled her last wish by passionately devouring her body before freezing her to death. But this time something unexpected happened. The Formula did work and he brought her back from the dead. Niharika was revived soon after she died. But she had no memory of that incident. She behaved like someone else. Her tone of voice, her mannerisms and behaviour were totally different.She seemed to not remember the doctor or the experiment at all.

An Excited Amar bhatnagar was enthralled by his victorious

“How far fetched is our imagination ? Something that we imagine today can it be a reality tomorrow? Scientists have been converting our fictional imaginations into reality with their inventions. It is a very optimistic thought that the future beholds better technology and smarter gadgets. Have you ever thought about it in a pessimistic way ?”

“Have you ever imagined that what will happen if the world is taken over by a smart man like me and i become destructive against humanity ?”

He kept talking to her and failed to get her response. “It is my fourth achievement.i have got the Midas touch” he shouted in ecstasy


Inspector Shahid Khan showed the tapes to the senior officers who were taken aback by the abuse someone could possibly give to others in the name of experiments. This man’s insanity knew no bounds.

The tormentor kept his back to the camera throughout the ordeal and hence it was difficult for the police to find him.

Meanwhile in Pune Inspector Rajesh Shirodkar had an ordinary month so far. No crimes were reported to him until a horrendous crime that was soon going to be reported.

A Science lab full of equipment and a girl frozen to death was going to unnerve him

The Girl was identified as Niharika. The Man that killed her had disappeared. There was no evidence left behind apart from a dead body frozen to below -196 degrees

Meanwhile In a Bus En-route from Pune to Ahmedabad . The repeat offender was contemplating another gorgeous lady for his sacrilege . He was glaring at her like a predator eyes his prey.According to him he was doing to this for the greater good

According to him Niharika was still awake and seated right next to him. The Other women he had killed prior to this were also alive in his world. He was living in denial of his experiments that had gone horribly wrong . There was no truth in his theory of reviving people back to life with his combined study of cryonics, Mantras and Sanjeevani Booti,

The Two inspectors had done their thorough research on him zeroed in on him.His laptop had given away all details of his moves and he had been following a predictable pattern.

The Policeman reached before him at the destination and nabbed him as soon as he got down from the bus. He had befriended the pretty damsel during the time spent on the bus and she was lucky enough to be saved from the maniac.

He kept repeating that he had done a favor to mankind by proving the science in Ramayana. He had found a cure to death and Sanjeevani Booti combined with Mantras and Cryonics could revive someone and bring them back from the dead.

Humanity survives on hope and faith. But the faith should be backed by skepticism

Blind following and faith has disastrous results

Religious books and Mythological tales have some magical stories and some unrealistic assumptions about Gods and their superpowers.

These things cannot be linked and such people that mix religion with science are dangerous. Medical science is based on facts. But Applying those metaphors and finding alternate medicine can lead to untimely demise of the subjects of these experiments.

There is no escape from Suffering and Death- Gautam Buddha

Safarnama- The Diary of a Journey


It was my first book launch and i had written the Autobiography of a very dear friend.

The Host of the event introduced

“This Book is based on the life and times of renowned novelist and philanthropist Mr Samarth Rao. The Author Karuna Mitra is an advocate and had been a very close friend and a huge admirer of his work. “ This book is the biography of and  a tribute to the great artist “

I had no options left in my life after he suddenly left from my life without any prior warning and all i could think of was him.Some people leave their imprints on your mind.Their overall existence is so impactful that all we can think about is them

i was like meera who was completely smitten by Lord Krishna. I had surrendered my entire being to him. I could never think about any other man…

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The universe consists of three loks  (layers) Aakash, Dharti and Patal 

Patal lok was being ruled by King Lord Yakshin. Until one day when under mysterious conditions he was rendered spechless and motionless .The Queen Yakshini had taken over as the ruler and had held her own Coronation ceremony

Amidst the most powerful men of those times, She held her stature high. She was an enchantress

She had almond shaped lustrous eyes ,an enthralling flirtatious smile  and a  magnetic voluptuous body. Her curves were so articulate that she seemed like a flawless painting by kamadeva

Her aura was sensuous.. Her seductive scent aroused temptations in his minds of most glorified souls.Her glance was hypnotic. Whenever she looked at a man, woman or even gods they were instantly mesmerized

Her golden throne embedded with diamonds enticed all the monarchical presence there.

She wore a glistening Silky white robe and a fine piece of jewellery made of rare stones around her neck.

She announced that she will now be taking all decisions concerning the people of the kingdom as the King of Patal Lok- Lord Yakshin was incapable due to hisome illness . He was brought in the Darbar with his four sevaks lifting his throne.

He was not able to even utter a single word. The Almighty Ruler of the dark forces was now completely dependent on his sevaks.. Everyone present had expected foul play but were so spellbound by her that they did not raise a doubt.

Rakansur was the most powerful man in this yuga. He had convincingly defeated all deities of patalpur . He had also acquired tremendous knowledge of everything as  he had been the only one who had travelled across patalpur and been to visit Dharti Lok and other universes that existed. He was the only one who was not enthralled by her presence. He carefully looked away from her as she had the extreme power to attract and destroy his predominance.

He argued the state of the Lord by questioning her credibility. The Valor with which he argued brought tears to the eyes of the Lord Yakshin.

In a thunderous voice he announced “ I am saddened to see that the mighty warrior named Yakshin who fought the hardest against me in the battle of supremacy . He has withered into a catatonic state under the care of this sorceress that claims to be his wife “

The Enchantress sat on her throne and smiled. She was not affected by the hatred of one man. She said in style “ Rakansur, i have a lot of respect for you , my dear. But you need to do your investigation before blaming me for the state of Lord Yakshin”

The entire darbar erupted in support of Yakshini. An enraged Rakansur left the Darbar.

On the very next day as Rakansur was walking past the forest he noticed her hurriedly vanishing into the woods. He followed her and reached to a point of no return.

He stood stunned as she uncovered herself from the shiny robe and opened her arms. He glanced into her seductive eyes and he was hypnotised. He stood there in a trance devouring her captivating body with his eyes, He felt that if he touched her it would spoil that moment of pleasure. The enthralling pleasure of seeing such beauty that could invoke passion even in someone who is dead. He had lost his first battle with her without even putting up a fight. As he walked upto her he was appalled by the sweet fragrance she evoked.

As he was about to touch her she vanished leaving him in a state of despair. He had been transformed into an admirer that lusted for a glance from her.He had been so mesmerized by her beauty and sex appeal that he had forgotten everything around him.The only thought in his mind was hers.All he wanted to do was be around her, see her everyday and smell her fragrance.He was obsessed with her.

The next day he sat next to her in the darbar as he had been appointed as the primary sevak of her husband

While serving as the King’s Sevak.He always saw that question in the eyes of the king that how could a person of his stature give in to desires and fantasies

The great righteous warrior had eaten the forbidden fruit and shied away from his duties

She waged many wars with neighboring towns and countries and appointed him as the army cheif .He won them all as he still was the mightiest.He did everything to impress her and get her attention.

The only thing he lived for was surrendering himself in her arms one day and fullfilling his lustful desires .This addiction to her was growing stronger by the day

One night in his state of trance he had seen the king crying again .His sorrow filled eyes had given him tremendous amount of guilt .He felt the pain and agony the king was going through and he wanted to be the saviour .

.He saw his reflection in the mirror and felt that he had become a disgusting opportunist.

In that moment of introspection he also realized that if he started a rebellion , he would suffer the same fate as the king and hence he had to first find out the spell she had used on the king

He had to develop a counter spell so that he could stand up to her nuisance and give justice to all those people that were being tormented by her

One night during his investigations he had found a dungeon full of ex-kings that had gone missing .She had slayed all her husbands and prospective kings.Those she could not kill for some reason were in a catatonic state like King Yakshin

He investigated more and more and secretly followed her to all the places she visited .One night she was hurriedly walking across the jungle and he walked behind her secretly at a distance. She had covered her face with a veil and looked very disturbed .

Hiding behind a tree , He saw something horrific.

She stood below a huge Oak tree and opened her arms .From behind the tree A Wild beast covered in blood appeared.He almost fainted at this sight .The Beast could scare away a mighty warrior like him by just appearing .He had bloodshot eyes and a huge torso.His torso had various scorpions moving around. In his childhood he had heard stories of a Scorpion monster that lived in the deep forest and was the ruler of Satanic forces that existed in the dark world .The Beast feasted on the blood through the Yakshinis neck .

She shouted in pain and cried as he sucked life out of her .She was left in shackles and looked withered and extremely old

Once the ordeal was over she regained her form of the beautiful enchantress and walked back to the palace .

There was no way he could defeat the Scorpion Monster.But there was certainly a way of defeating the Yakshini and freeing the kingdom from her clutches.

He observed her everyday to find one weakness he could capitalize upon

That night she walked into his room and uncovered her robe .His fantasies and dreams were going to be fulfilled .Had he impressed her so much that she was offering herself to him or was she planning something hideous and manipulative .All he could remember was the beast feasting on her neck .He felt repulsive but he couldn’t have stopped her.She started by pleasing him.While she was in the act of pleasuring him he noticed her neck had a big wound .He had never noticed it before .As he tried to touch it , the wound healed itself . .She felt a disconnect right away and read his mind that he could probably could turn rebellious .She usually drank cannabis and offered him to join her. She urged him to close his eyes. As he touched his nose to the cannabis she had offered him.He could feel plenty of scorpions moving all over his body .He closed his eyes as he savoured the heavely drink .When he opened his eyes he found himself in the Jungle tied to the Huge Tree .All saplings had grown over him and he just couldn’t move.The Scorpion monster appeared from behind the tree and stood in front of him The sight made him cry .

The Ugly beast had blood flowing from his eyes and the deafening sounds of his roars made him lose his sanity  .He digged his teeth deep into his neck and started feasting on his blood .The pain was ferocious and the once mighty warrior had succumbed to the dark forces.

The next day he found himself in a catonic state similar to the king .She continued her lustful escapades with him but she didn’t need to change form. She just walked in like a beast and devoured life out him every night .The fragrance was just a farce..She was covered in blood and filth and she smelled exactly like the beast .

The Mighty warrior decided to use his inner strength and fight the demon.He realized that he would be fed to the demon on every fortnight on amavasya . The method remained same. She poured down the cannabis drink through his mouth and forced him to close his eyes. When he opened his eyes he was tied to the Oak tree. For one split of a second he had all his strength. That moment was the only time when he could break free and attack the demon

Rakansur used all his might to break free but he was not strong enough ..The wound on his neck grew wider and a scorpion crawled out of it .The Blood thirsty beast pounced on him and continued the torment .Tears rolled down his cheeks as he sat in a catonic state hoping that a mighty warrior like him would visit patal lok one day and rescue him.

If such a warrior came ,

He would use all his energy to keep him away from Yakshini the enchantress .He had fallen deep in that trap and only he was to be blamed for succumbing to his desires

Kaal Sarp

Krish was an extremely handsome man. He usually made women turn around and look at him again. The Most alluring feature he had,was his eyes..

Those eyes had never looked into another girl’s eyes. He had been scared of women hitting on him. He always got attention that was uncalled for. But today was different

He had taken the last train today and he was slightly inebriated.

His eyes stared at a gorgeous looking girl. Some girls are extremely pretty . He used to catch a few glimpses of pretty looking girls sometimes. But this girl was stunning. She had beautifully crafted features. If someone looked at her, their eyes would just be stunned enough to stay at her for a few extra mins. She defined beauty. She defined love at first sight

He was shamelessly staring at her. His gaze took no time in turning into a lustful escapade through her body with his eyes.

However her eyes were quiet. They had nothing to read. Her expression was blank. She did not try to hide from his lustful gaze She did not try to cover up like other girls.

Krish was extremely attracted. He wanted to speak to her. He felt like approaching her. But the only restraint was that he was slightly tipsy and he did not feel comfortable in speaking to her in this state. The Ultimate moment came. The MTR Stopped and she walked out. She left her jacket behind. .

Krish leaped out from the MTR and called out to her. With her jacket in tow he started following her. She did not respond. He kept calling out. She kept walking and reached to her destination

It was a haunted territory named Kaalsarp. Extremely close to a religious abode, there was a place considered haunted. There were many stories about this, Anyone frequenting this place at night either died or turned insane.

Initially skeptical to enter but determined to find the stunning girl, Krish stepped his foot into the Kaalsarp. The place literally meant” the Snake of death.”

It was pitch dark inside. No human being in sight. There was a deafening silence as he walked through the trees.He came up to a bridge. He had heard stories that Kaal snatches the souls of any good humans that walk on the bridge. Only people born in Rakshas Yoni could walk through the bridge. The Sinners and the people belonging to the Ghost side of the world.

He felt eerie and decided to walk away. As he turned around, he saw the girl standing atop a tree, She had tied her dupatta around her neck and was fixing the ends to the branches of the tree. He ran and shouted loudly.His voice echoed around the place. Before he could rescue her she had jumped to her death. Her dead body was swinging across the tree as he leaped to try and save her.

Sweating profusely in distress he dialed his friend’s number. An Unknown female voice spoke from the other end. He asked for his friend, but the lady seemed unaware of such person. He seemed to have dialed a wrong number. He asked for assistance nevertheless.The Lady sensed his problem and promised to send some help.

In distress he had walked some distance away from the tree. He was shocked to see that the dead body was no longer hanging on the tree.

Petrified at the events that had transpired. He decided to jump the fence and run away.

The Lady at the wrong number kept calling again and again.


The Morning newspaper carried a picture of the girl’s body that was recovered from a lake near the same location. His head was spinning. He was not able to understand the whole scenario. He wanted to investigate. This was indeed a strange occurrence. When he googled and read more and more, he came across the fact that many people had either committed suicide or gone missing from the same location.

Sometimes humans regret being in a situation. He was feeling the guilt for not being able to help a girl in need. He was feeling bad about lustfully looking at her while she was lost in her thoughts full of despair.

He read that she had belonged to a very affluent family.He had found her residence. With a simple intention of informing him about the gruesome death of his daughter, he had taken an appointment with her affluent father.

Sipping tea in a huge mansion with hordes of servants walking around, he realized that the girl had been raised like a princess. It intrigued him even more that why had she chosen for herself – a death like that.

Her father was wheelchair bound and he intended to speak to monosyllables. He was not interested in knowing any facts and his information met with a stare and a rude response

As he walked out of the mansion, a sweet familiar voice called out to him. He had heard this voice somewhere. A girl walked up to him and greeted him.

” I kept calling you so many times, you did not respond ” she said

“That night you had called me. I am Jyotsna , I am a Journalist ” She conveyed

Jyotsna ensured that Kaal Sarp stayed in news. Krish ensured that he kept finding more info about people who had died there.

6 Months passed by without much luck. Although media had covered the case very extensively. Public memory is short and they lose interest if the case doesn’t show some quick revelations.

Krish and Jyotsna had not given up. They walked around in that area quite often to find something. They were on the verge of giving up when a surprising and previously unknown fact came up in reckoning

The deaths at Kaal Sarp had been very common. Everyone that had died here had died under mysterious circumstances.

That night Krish ,while browsing through old reports came across a teenage boy named Chetan who had been the only survivor. A few night travelers had saved him but he had lost his mental balance.

They were not allowed to meet him in the mental asylum. A very strong authority was stopping any investigation that was progressing.

With no hope of fair chance. They decided to break in into the asylum and rescue the boy from there. Disguised as a doctor and nurse they had broken through and eloped with the boy.

In the car they spoke to the boy and inquired about the deaths at Kaal Sarp

He smiled. There was something he knew. He asked their names and then informed them they will die very soon.

For a few days the boy did not give any information. But one morning he woke up and spoke something strange. It was about men wearing cloaks holding an axe, those dangerous men that snatch souls from bodies.

That night the three of them crossed the bridge and kept walking. Krish had aimlessly walked umpteen number of times with no result.The Boy was willing to take them further. He knew the way, his steps were confident and he did not look mentally unstable.

But this time they saw an underground tunnel which lead to another place.

They started walking slowly being careful of anyone watching them

It was leading to no where, extremely dark and stinky. The path was full of filth and stale water.

As they neared the end of the tunnel, the boy started to run back. He was petrified. He had remembered the ordeal. He was not going any further. He was running back to save his life.

They tried to coerce him many times but he refused to give out any detail for the fear of death.

Kaal Sarp was back in news. A Couple had committed suicide at the same location. Under strange circumstances they had been found wearing orange garbs. Usually Orange garbs are worn for religious functions. Jyotsna noticed that they had typical way of putting a tikka on the forehead. There was a religious group that had an international company financing its operations, they had their temples at various locations across the city.


Jyotsna was the only journalist that had spoken about the strange fact that couple was dressed in a religious garb and wearing a religious tikka on their forehead while dying at an haunted location.

The God-men running this foundation came up to meet Jyotsna, She touched their feet and offered them some food. Many known figures and famous celebrities were a part of this organization. Their goal was to establish One god that every human can relate to. They had come to request her to not malign the name of their sacred institution. They had not liked the fact that they had been dragged into this controversy.

Krish, Jyotsna and chetan decided to set off during the day. Holding hands they were rushing through the tunnel. It was a never ending path that was leading to no where. Surprisingly Chetan stopped again. They had to drag him somehow till the end of the tunnel. The tunnel lead to a big house that had been protected by electric fencing .Krish tried to find a way to get inside. Chetan started crying inconsolably. Worried about him he decided to step down and walked towards him.

Suddenly a bullet pierced through chetan’s head .He fell and started gasping for breath. Within minutes he passed away.

Jyotsana and Krish were arrested and taken inside the house. All the doors and windows were covered with black curtains. The House was full of people. They were wearing cloaks to cover their faces exactly as mentioned by chetan.


Jyotsna and Krish were tied to chairs. A man walked up to them . He had covered his entire face. Only his eyes were visible. Krish challenged him “ Show me your face. I know I am going to die. I want to see your face before I die” The Man laughed loudly.

He touched Jyotsna Inappropriately all over her body and then slapped her

“ I had told you to stop the investigation, but you did not listen to me “ He said.

She immediately recognized his voice. Her hands were tied and the filthy man was making her feel bilious by his constant fondling.

“Well we give two choices “ He said “ Join us or die”

“You Humans do not know how to live” He preached

“ Life is not about restriction, Life is about satiating all your desires “ He said



He Unleashed Jyotsna from the chair and she laughed. He took her in his arms and they started kissing each other. “ Let the party begin” He announced.

The Cloaks came off. They were all known faces. Some very famous. It was sickening to see them as they exchanged partners and crossed all limits of normalcy and shame.


Krish had been a spectator to this entire fiasco now. The Religious Organization had spread rumors about the place being haunted. The entire set up was made so that people do not frequent that place and these diabolical supposedly decent people who were god fearing worshipers inside a place of worship, could come out and explore their animal instincts in an undisclosed secret place.

The religious group propagated celibacy, Vegetarian food , freedom from material desires and worshiping god all day as their way of life during the day. But the natural urge to experience these pleasures lead them to create a secret haven for their escapades.


Krish only had a moment to decide. Jyotsna was sitting on his lap now with a gun pointing to his head. He had to make a decision to join them or die. He could have chosen to die. He could have chosen to live with a dark secret..People were killed . Lots of them. He saw guilt free faces. He saw people lost in their worlds of lust and pleasure. He wanted to stop them. He was teary eyed. That was a mob of inhuman species that had enacted and fooled humanity so beautifully.


He wanted to shout to the world. He wanted to tell people to not believe in them. But it was too late. The Moment was over. Jyotsna loaded the gun to fire the shot

He gave up. He decided to join them and keep his mouth shut.

The next day she rubbished all claims of this organization having any links with the deaths in Kaal Sarp. Krish had survived but he continued to live with tremendous guilt.

The Human in him wanted to speak out against them. But now he had started to enjoy the guilt pleasure. He had realized that when he wore that cloak, he changed into a different person.

That man had no essence of Krish. The man in that cloak was only looking for a prey to hunt. That man was a predator who had given up against all evil. He had become the part of evil because he had feared death. God was just his defense mechanism. God was just another cloak that he wore in broad daylight to cover those treacherous eyes that were full of deceit.

There will be point where he will not be able to hide anymore, he thinks as he distributes the prasad and he looks lustfully at Jyotsna who looks equally seductive in an Orange garb as she smiles at him.


Does humanity place too many artificial restraints on itself for purity like Celibacy, Food Type and Philosophy ? Had we been better humans , if we were not living a pretence to show society how pure and pious we are ?